Bonjour Service - what exactly is this app?

  bamfiesler 12:18 13 Dec 2008

Zone Alarm alerts me to this at startup and I deny it access to the web. What exactly is it? I understand it allows PCs to 'talk' to each other, but I don't know how this go onto my system. The only thing I think that it could be related to is iTunes, which I update about three weeks back and that BS thing has been popping up ever since.

Any ideas?

  Sparkly 12:23 13 Dec 2008

Do you have Itunes

click here

  oldbeefer2 12:25 13 Dec 2008

According to Google click here_(software)

  DippyGirl 12:28 13 Dec 2008

Never heard of it so looked it up - click here_(software)
Seems you probably did get it bundled with iTunes. Doesnt seem to ask if can install

  dogbreath1 12:33 13 Dec 2008

Bonjour has been known to cause connectivity problems. Get rid!

  Halmer 16:11 13 Dec 2008

in Control Panel/Add/Remove Progs without any detriment.

  bamfiesler 20:36 13 Dec 2008

Thanks, guys; thought it had something to do with iTunes. Will bin it, but what is it and why did Apple piggy-back this onto iTunes? DRM, or just plain sniffing?

  bamfiesler 20:40 13 Dec 2008

Ok, just checked Oldebeeref2's link. Phuq that - Apple can go to Hell. I don't like schit getting dumped onto my PC without my authority. I was always unsure about Macs and I won't go near one after this. iTunes is control-feakery enough, but that Bonjour bollox was a bit much.

  PoppABear 20:45 13 Dec 2008

language please its a family forum.

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