wunup 22:47 27 May 2003

said the clock as a spring shot out of its side.
"Typical" said peter pc "just when you get the thing working it packs up again.Im sick of repairing it and its going in the bin"
"Never mind" replied larry laptop "we,ll just have to get something more up to date and reliable, just like we are"
"Why dont you shut @@)(&^@> %$YYGYE%$£^^^&*&*^NYFEDI........
Oh dear it looks like peter has gone off line again.I hope its not one of those nasty virus things AGAIN.

  mikef™ 23:13 27 May 2003


  hugh-265156 23:14 27 May 2003

i`ll have a pint of whatever wunup`s on please.

  Quiller. 23:17 27 May 2003

My display has gone right funny. Posts are coming out garbled. Do I a, buy a new monitor or b, format c: lol

i think a whole pint of it might kill you,

  3Toed 23:20 27 May 2003

Hmm wunup-your aloud just one ;-)

  OneSirKnight 23:25 27 May 2003

I got it straight away,wunup you have had a hard day at PCW tech support.(LOL)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:33 27 May 2003

This supports my theory that adding fluoride to the water supply is counter-productive and mentally debilitating.


  woodchip 23:37 27 May 2003


  Forum Editor 00:07 28 May 2003

certainly supports a rich diversity of life.

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