bogus emails

  MICKY BOY 12:21 22 Oct 2006

Hi All,

Have posted this request on the first of this month and have installed Mail Washer free as advised to filter the emails but it still keeps happening an I am getting feed up with it.
I receive up to 30 spoof email return messages a day.
From different return mailers or failure return notices, all from email addresses I have no knowledge of.
All the emails supposedly sent by me, have a different name at the beginning of my email address(before [email protected] sign).
Have Kaspersky lab, Zone Alarm, spy sweeper and all the best software updated daily.
Have run virus checks several times nothing detected.
Have contacted Orange my server, to have the emails traced and stopped, that was a waste of time! All I got was a return email saying to look on their web site for the answer.

Does anybody know how to have them traced and report the offender or how can I find out who is sending these bogus emails and how can I stop them?



  Jak_1 12:23 22 Oct 2006

It is happening to a lot of peeps, personally I just delete the offending mails.

  Hawy 12:34 22 Oct 2006

Why not change your email address and only inform relatives, close friends and legit businesses of your new address.

Most ISPs allow you up to 5 email addresses.

  rawprawn 12:39 22 Oct 2006

I did what Hawy suggests and solved the problem. I still keep the old one alive just in case of a genuine contact, but I use Mailwasher to look.

  MICKY BOY 12:59 22 Oct 2006


If I change my email how do I reinstall software if my hard drive goes, as most software suppliers check your email address from their records before allowing you to reinstall.
Plus if I change my email address with my IPS is it just the bit before the @ sign or after that can be changed.



  rawprawn 13:07 22 Oct 2006

It's only the bit in front of @ you need to change. As I said just keep the old one in case its needed, but check it using mailwasher.You will have no problems with software suppliers.

  MICKY BOY 13:32 22 Oct 2006

The bogus emails all have different names at the front of the @ sign with my email address after the @ sign so changing my email address before @ sign would achieve nothing as I would still receive emails from all over the world saying that they could not be delivered.

Any other advice


  rawprawn 13:42 22 Oct 2006

Trust me try it, and delete your current email address from OE, and add your new one. Then configure the old one as the only one in mailwasher.
What have you got to lose?

  rawprawn 13:45 22 Oct 2006

Should have said as long as your email is composed something like this [email protected].
Change jbsmith to something like [email protected]

  MICKY BOY 14:01 22 Oct 2006

Thanks for your advice
I will try as you say and hope that it will work.
these people that carry out this sort of prank, most have a sad live.

thanks again rawprawn for your help


  rawprawn 14:06 22 Oct 2006

It works for me, I still get all those emails on my old address but they are not a problem. I go to them using mailwasher about once a week and delete them. You should always delete them and not bounce them.

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