bogus emails

  MICKY BOY 09:01 01 Oct 2006

Hi All,

Have in the last three days started to receive up to 30 spoof email return messages a day.
From different return mailers or failure return notices, all from email addresses I have no knowledge of.
All the emails supposedly sent by me, have a different name at the beginning of my email address(before [email protected] sign).
Have Kaspersky lab, Zone Alarm, spy sweeper and all the best software updated daily.
Have run virus checks several times nothing detected.
How can I find out who is sending these bogus emails and how can I stop them?


  STREETWORK 09:06 01 Oct 2006

These are randomly sent emails from Asia, etc. Ignore then. If your ISP has on-line email checking you may be able to set up anti-spam by keywords. I use Orange and it filters about 95% of spam mails so I do not get them...

  MICKY BOY 09:14 01 Oct 2006

thanks for your reply.
i use Orange as well(Freeserve.)
can i not stop them or trace them


  VoG II 09:17 01 Oct 2006

Try Mailwasher click here

  MICKY BOY 09:59 01 Oct 2006

Thanks a good software.
is the Pro version worth paying for? do you use the Pro version?


  VoG II 10:04 01 Oct 2006

I think that the free version is fine.

As it happens I do run the Pro version.

  Forum Editor 11:07 01 Oct 2006

or any other spam program will stop this happening - they'll simply help to keep your inbox clear of the bounced messages.

You'll continue to receive bounce notices as along as whoever/whatever is spoofing your email address continues to do so, and that can be many months. mailwasher will just allow you to stop them at the server, rather than downloading to your inbox.

Whatever you do, I strongly recommend that you do NOT use Mailwasher (or anything else) to bounce messages - you'll achieve nothing, except a sense of revenge, which is pretty pointless, and you'll be contributing even more rubbish to the tide of it which constantly swishes around the internet, slowing it down for all of us.

  MICKY BOY 12:39 01 Oct 2006

Thank you for your advice, but is there no way I can stop this internet abuse from happening?
How have they obtained my email address?
And I’m afraid that a virus will be sent and get through my system.



  spuds 13:26 01 Oct 2006

Usually your email address is selected on a random mail sender procedure, hence the (before the @ sign) . The sender may not know that your email address exists until you open the email and perhaps respond to it.

If you do not open them, then there are less chances of getting viruses etc into your system.

I get about 60/100 emails per day, about 30/40%of that is spam or some other rubbish, which ends up deleted.

  MICKY BOY 13:37 01 Oct 2006

Thanks spuds for you information.
Can I just say that I have used PC Adviser forum on several occasions and I must say that people are so helpful to others when one is in need of help and assistance.
The people that send all this rubbish need to get a life, as they must have a very sorry existence.


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