Blurred screen and no, its not my eyesight!

  Salut 19:30 13 Aug 2007

I have noticed that my computor screen is not as focused as it has been previously. Certain words and images are blurred. I am using XP home edition and I cannot find any way to refocus.

Any ideas out there??

  woodchip 19:31 13 Aug 2007

Crt or TFT screen?

  Salut 19:35 13 Aug 2007

The screen is a Compaq CRT (about 5years old)

  skeletal 22:12 13 Aug 2007

CRTs can go out of focus. It is often possible to readjust them with a control reached by taking the case apart; for obvious reasons said control may be marked “focus”. Also, there is a small chance you may have a similar function on the CRTs set up screens so have a quick look there first.
However, if this is your problem, I don’t quite understand some of your post where you say “certain images…”. If it is a focus problem, everything would be blurred. Perhaps you just notice it more on some things than others.
Now a warning: parts of CRTs carry voltages of 25,000V, 6,000V and mains; touch the wrong part and you will get an almighty shock. Many people on these forums are rightly extremely cautious about playing about with such things and I urge utmost caution if you want a dabble.
If you do, turn off the CRT, unplug it and leave it for several hours. Open the case (can be fiddly and be careful how it comes apart, you may drop it if you aren’t careful). Now find a fairly thick cable that goes to a wide plastic/rubber circular plug that is plugged in to the tube near the top/front. Don’t touch it, this is the part at 25kV and it can still be dodgy after a long time. Trace it back towards the circuit board and it should be plugged into some sort of plastic block. Somewhere near this block, if you are lucky, look for some sort of adjustment knob, which may say the magic word “focus”. If you reconnect everything and power up, turning this knob should make the picture go in and out of focus. However, you will now be working live and I again urge great caution. To help, you could wear rubber gloves. Providing you only touch the knob, you will be OK; the problem can be if your hand shakes/glasses move etc etc and you inadvertently touch something you shouldn’t.
Once adjusted, turn off and leave again, then reassemble. If you can’t refocus it is likely that the monitor is due for the scrap heap.
The position of the control is likely to be where I have suggested, but every manufacturer is different and they may have put it somewhere odd, so no guarantees!

I hope this helps, but again, please be very careful.


  johnnyrocker 23:46 13 Aug 2007

being a monitor you may find a screwdriver slot entrance in the cabinet rear but if not i fully endorse the above unless you are a tv engineer like myself.


  Totally-braindead 00:15 14 Aug 2007

I wouldn't poke about inside a monitor. Same as I wouldn't poke about inside a TV. Too dangerous.

If it is going like that then get yourself a new one or better still get a TFT they are easier on the eyes anyway in my opinion at least, since getting one I wouldn't go back to my old CRT.

  ambra4 03:32 14 Aug 2007

It time to change the CRT monitor



As you have to adjust the Focus control with it turn on

  Salut 10:43 14 Aug 2007

Many thanks for the advice and warnings!

In view of the danger and the chance that I might permanently damage my eyesight I will put up with it for a while longer, then buy a new screen.

  Teddy Jeff 10:51 14 Aug 2007

I had similar trouble and it only required the monitor refresher rate changing from you computer, simple and worth a try.

  Stuartli 11:48 14 Aug 2007

Your local independent television retailer's workshop would probably be able to do it quite quickly for a small fee.

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