Blueyonder wireless with set top box

  foxman 11:41 22 Nov 2006

Hi there. I currently have blueyonder broadband via the set top box. This has an old negear ma102 plugged into it, allowing my pc in the next room to connect via a usb ma101 - which almost works smoothly, but for the fact I have to manually open the netgear configuration window and click ok on the security page before it will actually connect (bizarre!)

However I now want to connect a laptop to the same broadband connection at the same time. Certainly no point phoning blueyonder - they simply ask you to buy all their new equipment (and maybe I have to - just don't know)

So I am looking for a solution. Can I buy a wireless router and connect it to the set top box?

Or can I buy a seperate router and connect it to the Pc allowing a the laptop to connect to the PC which could then share its internet connection?

I did make the mistake of buying a router off ebay and ended up with the BY specially crippled MR814 - probably no good for anything but the bin.

Any solutions will be greatly appreciated! Got to start working from home same time as my wife - and no good to be fighting over one internet connection!



  mgmcc 13:13 22 Nov 2006

Basically, you just need a Wireless "Cable/DSL" router which you plug into the set-top box. I have a Telewest Cable Modem (no TV or phone) and have a Linksys WRT54GS router plugged into it. I also have a Buffalo wireless router (not currently in use) and I've previously used a "wired" Belkin router with it.

  Strawballs 22:24 22 Nov 2006

I have the same Linksys as as mgmcc (except it is not the GS only G) connected to STB on NTL 1 PC connected via wired Lan and a wireless PC & Laptop.

  Strawballs 22:25 22 Nov 2006
  foxman 11:20 23 Nov 2006

Thanks guys - I will give this a try and see how I get on - if I'm still having problems, I'll post back here.


  foxman 11:28 24 Nov 2006

Hi - I have got hold of a Netgear WGR614v6 cable/dsl router and in the pc I have a netgear wg111v2. I have managed to get the wg111v2 to connect to my old ma102 access point, but if I unplug that and plug in the new wgr - it detects no network.

I guess I must have to set up the wgr in some way before it will work? But I guess in order to do that I'll have to plug it into the pc first?

Am I being thick?

Any help appreciated,


  foxman 18:50 24 Nov 2006

The router is now connected to the settop box and is speaking to the wg111 connected to the PC.

However the netgear ma521 on the laptop, although it is apparently connected to the router - still doesn't work.

Plus no security yet!

Any thoughts?

  mgmcc 13:11 25 Nov 2006

As the "MA521" appears to be an 11Mbps 802.11b card, is the router configured to allow connections from both "G" and "B" network adapters?

You could also try setting it to "B" only, which will reduce the WG111 adapter from 54Mbps to 11Mbps, but might provide more reliable connections than the "mixed" mode setting.

  foxman 11:35 27 Nov 2006

Oh help - this is getting a little frustrating!

The router is configured for g and b.
I updated the firmware to the latest.
I can access the router remotely from the laptop, configure it etc, but still no internet - the desktop is still connecting fine.

I have done an ipconfig -all on both machines amd it seems the pc is assigned an ip address / subnet mask, default gateway / DHCP server and DNS servers.

The laptop has an ip of, same for subnet mask and DHCP server of and no dns at all as far as I can see.

your help immensely appreciated.


  mgmcc 20:44 27 Nov 2006

The laptop hasn't connected wirelessly to the router. When you scan for "Available Wireless Networks", does the wireless software find the SSID of your router? If so, what happens when you try to "Connect" to it, because it evidently isn't succeeding.

  foxman 20:56 28 Nov 2006

Many thanks for your help folks - I rebooted everything this morning and would you believe it connected! Success!

However my flash memory reader has ceased to work but that's another story...



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