Blueyonder webspace

  babybell 19:44 03 Dec 2004

Does anyone use blueyonder for their webspace. I cannot get WS_FTP Pro to connect, it says my user name is invalid, and i have contacted blue yonder technical support but have had no reply. I have tried registering different email aliasis but nothing works, did anyone else have this problem. Also what is there webspace like anyway, do they have advert pop ups or anything like that? Cheers

  mark2 21:15 03 Dec 2004

click here

they may still be running behind

No popups, 30mb space on 1.5mb connection.

  fitshase 09:28 04 Dec 2004

What are you typing in as your username? Is it your e-mail address?

You should type in the name of the webspace, i.e., click here where xxx is the username and the password is whatever you set.

Have you tried connecting to it throught windows explorer using the Web Folder? I connect this way and it works fine for me.



  fitshase 09:30 04 Dec 2004

I keep forgetting it converts URL's to links. It should read:-

http : // www. xxx. pwp. blueyonder. co. uk

  babybell 11:52 04 Dec 2004

It still doesn't work, i log in all the time to the selfcare section with my username and password so its not that, i changed my username to what u suggested but it still doesnt work. Where can i find this web folder thingy u mentioned

  babybell 11:55 04 Dec 2004

Finding Host click here ...
Connecting to
Connected to in 0.031250 seconds, Waiting for Server Response
Initializing SSL Session ...
220-Welcome to the blueyonder PWP FTP servers.

The local time is Sat Dec 4 11:53:38 2004

Upload your website files in this directory.

You can change up a directory [cd ..] and access your logfiles.
To access your statistics you need to login via selfcare first at
click here and view them via a browser.

Any problems with the service should be reported via the helpsite at
click here or in the newsgroup.
220 ProFTPD 1.2.9 Server (Telewest PWP) [pwp-ftp1]
500 AUTH not understood

  fitshase 09:21 06 Dec 2004

Which OS are you running?

In Win98, simply open Windows Explorer and click on Web Folders under My Computer. It will ask you for your username and password.

In Windows XP, open My Network Places

Cick on Add a New Network Place

Type in your website address (including the "http://" part)

Follow the instructions and then save the connection.

Now, you should be able to open the web folder as if it was a folder on your hard drive.



  fitshase 09:23 06 Dec 2004

Sorry, follow the instructions above for both Windows 98 and Windows XP. Web folders is in Windows 98 under My Computer and in XP under My Network Places.



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