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  DoctorButcher 16:41 13 Oct 2004


Here's the story!
I'm off for a LAN party at the week-end but SWMBO demands that i leave her internet access while i'm gone...

Now, i'm too tight to buy a router so she connects through ICS & a NIC card from my PC to hers. I connect via ethernet NIC to the cable modem, so i have 2 NICs in my PC...

In the olden days, BY required me to register the MAC address of the network card that connected to the net...

Is that still the case? Is there any way round it? I could swap the NICs but i'm too lazy to start swapping cards about and changing drivers so any nice, easy solutions are more than welcome! :lol:

If i don't leave her with a net connection then i don't go... :(

  twin 12:34 14 Oct 2004

You need a broadband router.if you want to get broadband from the other pc's. if you switch yours off. You can pick up a cable broadband router for under 30 pounds. or just leave yours on.

  SEASHANTY 15:56 14 Oct 2004

Time to get a router
click here

  bvw in bristol 17:21 14 Oct 2004

No need to register MAC address with BY these days.

You can connect any PC to the cable modem these days and access the internet with BY.

Power down the machines, un-plug the cable modem from the mains, leave it for a couple of minutes and then connect any other PC to the cable modem.

Plug the cable modem into the mains and power it up, wait until all the lights on the cable modem are lit and then boot up the new PC.

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