Blueyonder Broadband Woes

  Sepulchre 20:09 26 Jan 2006

I wanted to post here (and sorry for the length of the post but this needs to be said) regarding the problems blueyonder seem to be having since 'upgrading' their network to 10mb.

I have contacted blueyonder technical support many times over the past few weeks regarding elevated pings in online gaming, typically 150-200 or even more when connecting to UK servers! Each time I have contacted them I've been told they are aware of the issue and are looking into it. I've not even bothered to raise the issue that I'm getting nowhere near a 4mb connection!
The problem has been around since 17/11/05!

This evening I was able to speak to a very helpful member of BY tech support who has told me that they are being told nothing either and there is nothing he could pass on. The fault has been logged but no one is updating the fault page so they have no idea whats going on.

He sympathises with me as this is now 2+ months and they are no nearer to fixing the problem. He was able to find out that all the local upstream channels are at a minimum of 94% utilisation and as high as 98%! So everyone in my local area is fighting for the same bit of the pipe.

He went on to say this is not limited to my area and is happening in pockets all over the country but no one is fixing any of them, the only advice he could give me was to write to the chief executive.

Anyone else having similar problems?

  VoG II 20:13 26 Jan 2006

No but I don't do online gaming.

What does this speed tester say? click here

  Sepulchre 20:17 26 Jan 2006

It says -

"The connection speed during the downlaod of the 10mb file was:2399.6kbps.

Based upon this information your connection is most likely to be 2mb or less".

No one else is on this conenction and no downloads of any kinds were on the go when I ran the test.

  VoG II 20:26 26 Jan 2006

That is b a d - I normally get around 6000 - 7000 kbps on that test. I'm in West London by the way.

  Sepulchre 20:30 26 Jan 2006

The ironic part of it is before the upgrade I was on a 1mb conenction and thought it was great. I could get constant pings of around 25 which for gaming doesnt get much better. Then they rolled out the upgrade to 4mb with higher upstream bandwidth also all for no extra charge and its been terrible ever since.

What I dont understand is why they wont say anything or get it fixed, its as though the company is falling apart and they are trying to keep a lid on it.

I dont see what I can do now though? :(

  VoG II 20:57 26 Jan 2006

click here

I'm not sure what you can do either. I have found blueyonder to be excellent generally. I did have an issue a couple of years ago when 99% of e-mails sent to me were bounced stating that my inbox was full, when it certainly was not. E-mails back and forth did nothing until I threatened to expose them as a bunch of charlatans on click here

Miraculously the 'blockage' cleared within 24 hours. Coincidence?

  misog 22:16 26 Jan 2006

Its a long shot but if you leave the cable modem off for 24hours or so then a new IP is allocated when you power up again. It helped with another problem I had.

  Sepulchre 23:39 26 Jan 2006

misog - If only a solution were that simple, for my connection to improve BY need to do some serious work to their hardware. No change to an IP address will help, in fact I could find myself on a different upstream channel one with a higher load which would be even worse.

Thanks for the suggestion though :)

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