Blueyonder Anytime Dialup settings using Linux

  leemgilbert 09:16 15 Apr 2003


I have just installed Linux Mandrake 9 on my system. I need to connect to the internet using Blueyonder Dialup Service but the software that came with my subscription was only for Mac or Windows software.

Does anybody use Makdrake Linux 9 with Blueyonder Dialup anytime who can advise how I set up my system.

Thank you

  leemgilbert 10:11 15 Apr 2003


  Tesman 11:27 15 Apr 2003

Unless there's something unorthodox about Blueyonder, you should be able to set up your internet connection manually, in much the same way as you would with Windows. You'll need an access number,user name and account password (of course!) and your email (pop3/smtp) addresses. If you don't have the latter, you may have to ring Blueyonder and ask.

Once you have the info, launch Kppp (start menu,-> What to do?, Use the Internet, Connect to the Internet)and go into Setup. You can then enter the access number and user name, choose which port your modem's on and if-and this is a big if-Mandrake recognises your modem, you should be able to connect.

If you have a software modem (winmodem),or an internal hardware modem such as mine, chances are Mandrake won't see it,and you'll need to install a suitable driver. An external modem should be okay.

Anyway, that's the simple version-post back with more details of your modem, etc, and I'll go into a bit more detail.

Good luck!

  leemgilbert 12:29 15 Apr 2003


Thank you for your help. I sort of gathered the setup procedure. I know when I set up my internet settings using windows, the Blueyonder software came with a dial up connection tool the same as freeserve. My issue here being is that the number it dials is a freephone number, but within the settings of this dialup connection tool you have to select your local call centre which incidently is a 0207 (london) which is a local rate number. Will the 0800 number work without this connection tool which blue yonder sent, as im currently subcribed to a anytime intnternet calls which is free with a subscription i would ask them on the phone but its 50p a minute and im sure they wont know!

Thank you

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