Dellman 10:25 03 Mar 2006

I presently have Wireless Broadband access via Blueyonder. This is via the TV Set-top box. If I get a lap top, what are the options to enable the laptop to access BB via same.?

  mgmcc 12:36 03 Mar 2006

Presumably you have a "Wireless Access Point" plugged into the set-top box to provide wireless access? If so, it would just be a matter of replacing the Wireless Access Point with a Wireless Router so that multiple computers can have internet access.

You need to get a stand-alone Wireless Router, often described as a "Cable/DSL" router. Don't confuse the reference to DSL with models which are a combined "Router & ADSL Modem" - these are only suitable for use with ADSL broadband delivered via the phone line and cannot be connected to Telewest Cable.

  keewaa 12:37 03 Mar 2006

Could you describe the setup in more details, is it Internet on your TV or a PC, is is wireless broadband (Does the broadband come into the HOUSE through a cable or by wireless ?) or a wireless link from set top box to PC ?

  Dellman 12:54 03 Mar 2006


No...its internet on PC and via cable from outside connected to the TV set-top box. From there, there is a connection to a wireless sender(?). There is a usb receiver (dongle) attached to the PC. I would now like to add a laptop to this set-up.

  mgmcc 13:37 03 Mar 2006

<<< From there, there is a connection to a wireless sender(?). >>>

...which must be a "Wireless Access Point" and presumably it is plugged into an ethernet port in the set-top box? This device needs to be replaced with the type of router I suggested. (I do have Telewest Cable broadband, but with a separate cable modem.)

The reason that you cannot connect a second computer to the existing wireless connection is that Blueyonder only allocate one IP address and each PC connected to the internet needs to have its own unique IP address. When you install a router, the router gets this single IP address from Blueyonder and it in turn allocates Local Area Network IP addresses to the networked computers, most commonly in a 192.168.x.x subnet. It then "routes" the internet traffic to the correct computer in the LAN.

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