sorefingers 22:30 03 Aug 2004

I was advised to go for away with all those silly wires etc. Well, I thought I'd start with my mobile phone (GX15), type all the information onto my pc, then "bluetooth" it all across to my mob...sounded really cool.
Not so!...the pc and mob have made some sort of contact...but the instructions given with each item leave a lot to be desired...
Here's what I've done so far.
Loaded the software onto pc - inserted the bluetooth usb adapter when requested then rebooted - the Bth icons are now in place on the desktop and taskbar.
When I run the Bth setup wizard, I'm asked which environment I want to set up? (choice of 4.
I choose the Specific device.
It then "discovers" my mob and opens a window referring to "pairing" and to input a pin code?

Thats as far as I can get...I can't find any pincode


  temp003 04:53 04 Aug 2004

The pin code is any set of numbers you want (a lot of people are stumped on that). You just need to enter the same code on both bluetooth devices, e.g. 0000, 1234.

With bluetooth enabled both on your PC and on the phone, once you're asked to enter the pin code (on either device), just enter it. The other device should then respond and ask you to enter the pin code. Do it, and proceed from there.

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