bluetooth usb

  nanny julie 16:53 29 Nov 2008

hi i have a acer pc i want to purchase a bluetooth usb i cannot find one that works on my pc can any one recomend anythin .

  ambra4 17:05 29 Nov 2008

“I cannot find one that works on my pc”

Bluetooth USB Adaptor

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  mooly 17:13 29 Nov 2008

Are you running Vista and how old is the PC ?
There was a Microsoft update over 12 months ago now that "broke" the bluetooth functionality with many USB devices.
The fix involved deleting the INFCACHE.1 in the system files.

  mooly 17:17 29 Nov 2008

It's here. I only found this 2 days ago, wish I knew about it earlier. Posted about this last year and never found out what was happening. I knew it was an update causing the problem as I could restore back to when it worked. Unfortunately hiding the update didn't work for long as it seemed to get incorporated into other updates I suspect.
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  Linkslade 18:14 05 Aug 2010

I have a bluetooth usb dongle that is recognized by a Medion laptop (Vista) and a Packard Bell desktop running XP both belonging to others.

My problem is that it is not recognized by my own PC a Medion 6618 desktop. Medion have suggested my USB connections may be faulty but they are not as they operate OK with other peripherals.

Any advice appreciated.

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