bluetooth / skype?

  Stroller 20:33 28 Jul 2006

I would like to use skype with hands free, and have a bluetooth handsfree for my mobile, and a bluetooth dongle.

can they work together?

meaning - use my bluetooth earpiece as the skype headset?

if so, how would I set this up?

looking forward to being able to walk away from the PC and still keep conversation going.


  Tim1964 23:43 28 Jul 2006

I've done it on mine using Voipcheap as opposed to Skype but I'm guessing the setup is the same.

If someone hasn't beaten me to it I'll post tomorrow as to how I did it (can't remember off hand) as it's setup on my lappy.


  Tim1964 20:47 29 Jul 2006


Once the bluetooth dongle has been installed and 'paired' to the headset, select 'Sound and audio devices' in control panel. On the Audio tab, select the bluetooth headset for sound recording and sound playback.

Now when you dial out with your VOIP prog you should hear it in the headset and the mic will pick up your voice.
To test the audio output, if needed, try playing any sound from the PC, (music for eg) and I will be heard in your ear.

Hope that helps

  Stroller 22:41 29 Jul 2006

Sorted, up and running, many thanks Tim1964.


  cosi 15:44 07 Aug 2006

A further question about this subject if I may, to hopefully save me some time.

Stroller & Tim1964, are you using a USB 1.1 or 2.0 dongle, & does it matter in this case ?

My handsfree is Bluetooth 1.2, I think, & I already have USB 1.1 ports on my PC that I could use for a dongle. But I do have a USB 2.0 controller, I just have to fit the ports, which would be a little fiddly & avoided unless it makes a significant difference. COuld someone advise as to whether going to USB 2.0 would be worthwhile ? Thanks.

  Stroller 16:31 07 Aug 2006

the dongle I have is a belkin from Argos, about 14ukp earlier this year.
see here click here

it is connected by a powered Tevion (Aldi) USB 2 to the PC USB 2 port.



  cosi 09:58 08 Aug 2006

Stroller. Many thanks for the link. It's bacwards compatible, so I can play & discover for myself.

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