Bluetooth Dongle XP to Vista

  BoilerOil 09:49 21 Jan 2008


I have a Bluetooth Dongle which I plug into my desktop USB port
all the software on the disk has been installed everything works,
i.e. it will search for and find a cell phone, and send and receive
files and music etc.

The desktop dongle searches for and finds my laptop, but it will not send any files to the laptop.

The bluetooth on the laptop will find the desktop computer and send files.

When I click on the IVT Corporation BlueSoleil - Main Window the
only icon that lights up is Bluetooth Personal Area Networking Service.

When I right click on a file in the bluetooth out box, then click on send to Bluetooth device, a window comes up, select where you want to send file. The send to box is blanked out, then click on browse, it then searches for a device and then a message comes up, Windows cannot find any Bluetooth devices. Make sure that your Bluetooth radio is attached to your computer and is turned on, and that your Bluetooth device is turned on. Follow the setup instructions that came with the device, and then click Search again.

This is as far as I can go, any ideas what I can do or try next.


  Technotiger 09:54 21 Jan 2008

Bluetooth in my experience is not very reliable - you would be better using USB to connect rather than Bluetooth.

  cazzypurple62 07:13 22 Jan 2008

Yeh well thanks for that Technotiger, but it's not helpful. Boileroil, I also have the same dongle as you, (got it off ebay) and am now wondering if it's been a good purchase or not. The first night I had the dongle, I was able to send a pic to my motorola (K1) phone , and also to my sons (Nokia 5300)from my desktop PC. Since then both phones can't be found by the bluetooth file transfer wizard. I also get the same message that you get Boileroil. I don't understand how I can use it once and then not again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluesoleil dongle just in case something had changed.....please someone help.

  Technotiger 08:39 22 Jan 2008

Hmm, proves my point does it not - in my experience Bluetooth is not very reliable, while USB is a very good alternative. After all, they are both doing (or trying to do) the same thing. So I would have thought that my USB suggestion is most helpful.

  Demora 11:26 22 Jan 2008

Blueooth is a very much hit and miss BUT. One thing I hasve found is that when windows crashes or updates the driver is sometimes reverted to Windows own version (not good)

Try looking in device manager under Bluetooth radio. If it says window whatever see if you can update the driver by clicking update and looking for the dongles own Bluetooth radio driver.

I have a Dlink 120 and this often happens. Once working its quite good.

My explanation might not be fully tech but its a long time since I did this.

I mainly use USB with my Nokia n95 Its quicker.


  cazzypurple62 05:16 23 Jan 2008

sorry technotiger if I sounded rude - it's just that I WAS very frutstrated. I have since 'fixed' the problem for myself and it works really well once I knew what to do properly. I understand that the usb would be much quicker but I hate giving up on something and as I had just bought the dongle, I wanted to be able to validate my purchase. Boileroil, i was so confused about how to use the IVT bluesoleil as most 'directions' from others say to use the file transfer wizard, but it still doesn't find my phone at all, it's only when you go thru the ivt program that it's found. Hope you find your answer soon. Caz

  Technotiger 08:53 23 Jan 2008

Apology not needed, but thanks anyway. I have a Bluetooth dongle which I used for a short time, PC-to-Nokia phone, but it gave so much hassle I stopped using it and opted for the faster USB instead, totally hassle-free ever since! I too am in the 'hate-to-give-up' brigade, as many here can tell you, but there is a limit to my patience. The dongle cost me £25, a total waste of money IMHO.

BTW if anyone would like a Free Bluetooth Dongle c/w original cd and instructions, just contact me via my Yellow envelope and I will post it to them. I only have the one, so don't all rush at once - first come, first served! LoL .......

  Technotiger 19:52 23 Jan 2008

Free Bluetooth dongle still available ........

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