Bluetooth dongle sset up, what i need?

  gazmix 11:56 30 Jan 2007

Ok, i got my bluetooth dongle. I stuck the set up disk in & followed all the instructions.

It asked me where to wanted the files & i just put "desktop" as i like to see what is there.

Maybe a mistake as now there is about 6 different icons on my desktop.
There are 2 icons that say:-
1 icon called 'btprot' that can't be stuick in recycle bin & doesn't do anything.

Headset interface & Blue manager that both do the same, eg bring up the connection.Do i need both these?
Should i have just leaft the 'where to put files' to the default instead of browsing & putting "desktop" & then i wouldn't have got all the desktop stuff! Maybe i should uninstall &
would i have just got the shortcut to connection.

Should i only put the dongle in when using bluetooth & remove it when i'm not, or leave it in all the time & should i only put it in when pc is off!


  gazmix 13:09 30 Jan 2007

I tried to uninstall & it asked me if i wanted to uninstall certain files that may damage my pc if i did.
I didn't know what the hell to do!
All is uninstalled but 2 icons remain
btprot & hcitosys.dll
both can't be sent to recycle bin & it says :-
cannot delete
make sure disk not full or write protected & that not currently in use.

How do i delete these & the i can reinstall & not have all the icons on desktop!!



  Taff™ 14:12 30 Jan 2007

Try deleting them in Safe Mode. The re-install to a named folder in My Documents.

  gazmix 14:30 30 Jan 2007

I tryed to use system restore. It said todays date.
I though i could restore it to whatever date! Like 27th Jan for example. It now asks me if i want to undo previous restore point. Previously system restore was off, should it be on all the time?

I clicked on create new restore point & typed in yesterdays date & that was afdded to the right hand side box! & it restarted the pc & the 2 icons had gone. :)

When i reload the software cd, should i just shove em in programme files as seemed to be default! & will i still get a desktop icon to initiate bluetooth.
Do i leave the dongle in all the time?

  Taff™ 14:51 30 Jan 2007

System Restore should be left on all the time.

The dongle needs only to be in the computer when you want to use it.

When the CD asks for a location take the default c:\Program Files\ as the default suggests

  gazmix 14:55 30 Jan 2007

ages ago i downloaded trojanhunter4.5
i then deleted it, but it leaft footprints.
when i manually go to search & type in trojan hunter, but it can't be deleted!

If i go to system restore & type a new restore point to 'before trojanhunter4.5', will it delete this as it did the bluetooth stuff?

Will doing this restore my pc back to before trojanhunter & therefor anything i downloaded since will be deleted!!?



  bruno 18:49 30 Jan 2007

If your system restore has been turned off for any length of time it would not have been able to make any restore points,so any date you type in will not have anything to restore.

  gazmix 19:56 30 Jan 2007

When i click on 'restore to an earlier time' it says todays date in bold, i can't click on say 23rd Jan?

On the right box, it says restore operation twice & system checkpoint.
Each day in look at it, the day i look is in bold & i can't seem to make it an earlier day!

I want to get rid of this Trojanhunter4.5 thats been unmoveable for ages, but it seems if i restored my pc to before it was downloaded, it should move it!

  bruno 20:37 31 Jan 2007

All your restore dates will be in bold print.If you only have one in bold that is the only one you can use.

  gazmix 23:25 31 Jan 2007

Ok, so how do i system restore to say 6 months ago or even last week.
I need to get rid of this trojanhunter4.5 that can't be erased, but i don't want to erase anything in my pc that i downloaded, be it jpegs mpegs or whatever since then!!

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