Bluetooth Dongle Problems in W98 SE

  jc_ferrero 15:27 14 Apr 2007

I'm running Windows 98 SE and my bluetooth dongle will not install correctly. I've installed BlueSoleil, but the dongle itself is not detected properly.

Under System -> Devices, it appears as BCM2035B three times, but it indicates that the driver is not installed correctly.

How can I get Windows to use the correct drivers?

  jc_ferrero 16:00 14 Apr 2007


  woodchip 16:02 14 Apr 2007

Put the CD or Driver Disc in the computer, Open Windows Explorer brows the disc for Win9 drivers You need to install those

  jc_ferrero 02:09 15 Apr 2007

Thankyou for your reply woodchip. The driver disk only has a setup file (unless there is some way to manually extract the drivers) and I've run that installation several times unsuccesfully.

When I installed it off the disk it still didn't detect the dongle properly and it also interfered with my other internet settings.

  moorie- 07:06 15 Apr 2007

hi which driver version has been supplied with the dongle?
The latest one is 2.3 but isnt for 98se

version 1.6 is supposed to be for 98se
download available from click here

failing that try contacting their tech support
click here

  moorie- 07:13 15 Apr 2007

also should of added before installing driver thoroughly remove all traces of the old one past experience tells me it will leave traces on,use
reg cleaner suitable for 98se and even after the reg clean look in program files for ivt folder.

  Susie blue 07:50 15 Apr 2007

Is it windows 98 that has a glitch whereby if you insert a usb without installing the hardware first, it refuses to ever acknowledge that item again? I had trouble with pc's at work, before they upgraded to XP, with my memory stick. I don't know if there is an answer to that.

  jc_ferrero 12:45 17 Apr 2007

Hello everyone, I installed the drivers moorie suggested after clearing the old ones, and I'm still having the same problems. After it was all installed, I plugged it in and Windows detected it as new hardware "USB Composite Device" which intalls, and then Windows detects another device "BCM2035B", but no drivers will install with it.

  moorie- 16:32 17 Apr 2007

"After it was all installed, I plugged it in and Windows detected it as new hardware "USB Composite Device" which intalls, and then Windows detects another device "BCM2035B", but no drivers will install with it"
the blue soleil is the driver

as far as i know the blue soleil software prevents windows loading the windows drivers,the blue soleil software includes the drivers.(bluetooth stack)

Does the blue soliel software work?
when you open up the software,double click the sun(best way i can discribe it im afraid)make sure your phones blue tooth is on first and see if it detects your phone,right click your phone once detected and pair device
I used it before on xp and this is what happened but cant verify 98se sorry.
once device is paired right click your phone and refresh services

  jc_ferrero 08:52 18 Apr 2007

When I open BlueSoleil, all of the menus are disabled because the dongle can't be found.

  jc_ferrero 12:18 18 Apr 2007

OK, for anyone who reads this. The problem in fact is not only with the Dongle, but other USB devices too (flash drive).

When I plug certain USB devices in, Windows automatically tries to install "USB composite device" as new hardware, then also installs BCM2035B without any drivers and appears as not functional under the device manager.

Could it be a problem with the laptop itself? It is an older Toshiba model (some are known to have problems with the USB hardware, but I haven't read anything bad about my particular laptop).

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