bluetooth dongle?

  diddi.ash 15:15 07 May 2007

I want to get a bluetooth dongle to transfer my photos from my nokia phone, but my question is how do i know if i have the bluetooth facility in my desktop, i have windows XP on broadband with the wireless??

bluetooth driver stack is inbuilt as part of service pack 2
go to control panel and you should see an entry there.
Some Dongles use their own software,also nokia do a software suite to install on your pc.

if you havent already purchased one,this is a good dongle
click here
xp recognises it,but do read the installation book thoroughly before installing.

hope this helps

  diddi.ash 15:29 07 May 2007

thanks, i was thinking of buying from ebay for about £5 and they come with a installation cd, would that do it then?

  diddi.ash 15:30 07 May 2007

cant see the bluetooth logo in control panel, dont what im looking for really?
not that good when it comes to technical stuff

  Totally-braindead 16:10 07 May 2007

When you plug in a bluetooth dongle windows will recognise it and install the software.
You will not see an entry for it in control panel as you haven't plugged a dongle in.
I have a Samsung phone and the new software for it doesn't work with the dongle I bought, also off Ebay, as its a version 1.2 one and the software needs a version 2.0 one.
So you might spend £5 for something that doesn't work.
Better to check the Nokia site first and see if theres any info on what sort of dongle it needs.

  Technotiger 16:18 07 May 2007

Hi, any ordinary bluetooth dongle with its own software will work. Plus you will need Nokia PC Suite installed on your pc - If you bought your nokia boxed, you should already have the PC Suite CD included. This is exactly what I have with my Nokia 6234.

  diddi.ash 16:29 07 May 2007

yes i had the pc suite cd but have lost it, so i will also need that then??
Does it have to be for that phone as i can borrow some one elses?

  Totally-braindead 16:30 07 May 2007

Just download it from the Nokia website.

aldi have one on special offer tuesday at £7.99 if you have a store near you,its 2.0 compliant
click here
you can download the pc suite from
click here

oops...sorry aldi offer is thursday 10.5.07

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