urban gorilla 21:10 24 Mar 2003

I'm looking to buy a Bluetooth adaptor so i can download data to my bluetooth enabled mobile phone from my PC.
There are so many types around at various differing prices and i'm not sure which one to buy.
What is the difference between a class 1 and class 2?
Does anyone have Bluetooth and which do you recommend?
PC spec: P3 450mhz W98, mobile: Nokia 7650.

  urban gorilla 21:59 24 Mar 2003

calling all Buetoothers out there.

  urban gorilla 22:01 24 Mar 2003

I meant Bluetoothers.
an appeal to the wireless community.

  cream. 22:22 24 Mar 2003

Sorry not bluetooth. But I recently set up a nokia 7650 with Ir. The Ir fits into a usb socket and communicates with the pc no problem. The Ir looks for a signal every 3 seconds.

I can understand your desire to go the bluetooth way as this will give you more options in the future. I did advise to go this way but of course then money was a constricting factor, this is not so now as bluetooth is nearly affordable as Ir.

For a more indepth look e-mail me and I will send what I have. lol

  urban gorilla 13:51 25 Mar 2003

There must be someone out there downloading all the lates games and apps onto his Nokia 7650 via a Bluetooth dongle. let me know which one it is,where you got it from and how much it is & how it works.

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