muffin1947 18:01 18 Sep 2007

When I went on holiday I forgot my camera so I used my mobiles camera.I now want to transfer the pictures from my mobile to my computers hard drive to enable me to print them and email them.I have bought a bluetooth dongle and installed the software but when I go on to bluetooth on my phone and click on search for devices it says no bluetooth device found.Anyone know what I am doing wrong.The device is connected to the usb socket.Any help appreciated

  Daiol 18:13 18 Sep 2007

Hi muffin1947 : Dont bother with the software just plug your bluetooth dongle into your pc windows will detect it once that is done you will have an icon in taskbar by the clock right click on the blue icon & click on add blutooth device 'make sure that you have u'r mobile phone bluetooth activated then you must connect the both together its pritty staight forward.Once the both are paired together,right click on the blue icon then select recieve a file and follow through the on screen instructions remember to choose a file to save u'r photos.This method worked fine for me & its simpler that using the software.'I use windows xp pro' what have you got??.good luck hope it helps you.

  muffin1947 18:50 18 Sep 2007

Thanks daiol everything is fine except I cannot get them to pair together.Ikeep getting asked for a pin number and I do not have one any ideas

  Weskit 18:52 18 Sep 2007

Can I butt in on this. I am having the same trouble (got round it by removing the mini card from the mobile and using an adapter for the card reader) but as far as connecting via bluetooth, how does on get the mobile and PC paired. Mine asked for some sort of access password, where do you find this?

type in 0000 it will change to ****,need to type it into pc and phone

  Weskit 19:07 18 Sep 2007


  Weskit 19:40 18 Sep 2007

Should have said Thanks too..

  muffin1947 19:51 18 Sep 2007

Thank's raven finally managed two pair the two .Now though when I click on browse files on the phone it says empty.How do I get to the photos to enable me to transfer them to my PC

have you tried accessing the folder/files from your pc and transfer that way

  muffin1947 21:59 18 Sep 2007

Thanks Raven how would I go about accessing the files using my pc.The photos are on my mobile and I need to transfer them to my hard drive but I cannot locate the relevant folder on my phone it just keeps saying empty.I thought using bluetooth would be easy but how wrong can you be by the way I appreciate all the help ......Thanks

from within your bluetooth software,look for file transfer,from there you should be able to access various folders,ringtones,video,music etc on your phone and transfer to your pc.

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