Bluesoleil evaluation

  chriscross72 21:18 03 Apr 2005

I recently purchased a bluetooth dongle to connect my pocket pc to my desktop pc via bluetooth....the dongle came with 'bluesoleil' software wich I found easy to use and well featured....
HoweverI decided the dongle did not have enough of a transmission range for my needs so I purchased another with a greater range...I did not like the supplied software package (MSI) so I tried to use the new dongle with the blue soleil software....This told me upon connecting the dongle that it was running an unlicensed product and had gone into evaluation mode and that only 5mb of data could be there a way to make the blue soleil software run properly with my MSI dongle or do I have to struggle on trying to understand the MSI bluetooth software ?
Or does anyone know of any other software that I can use for my purpose?

Thank you : ))

  Tulips 18:29 08 Feb 2006

I known this is a bit out of the blue - no pun intended - but did you have any problems installing the software for your bluesoleil dongle? I've just got one and each time I try to install the thing it just seems to give up half way through the installation process.

  chriscross72 08:46 14 Feb 2006

Hi Tulips....To be honest I cannot remember if I had trouble installing the software but I don't think so....The trouble I've had is that i just cant get bluetooth to work properly on my pc....probably down to the fact i'm hopeless....i've given up now and the dongle lives in a dark drawer.... ; ((

  snoopy2382 18:10 13 May 2006

tulips im havin trouble installin my bluesoleil software too. same thing happens to me it stops half way through. did you get yours working? and if so how? please

  lintony 14:48 06 Jan 2007

I also purchased one of these. I had no problem installing but and have transferred pictures from my phone to my computer, but I am now getting this message "A pirate copy is in use. BlueSoleil will run in evaluation mode"

Help, help, help, help, please!


  lintony 12:11 11 Feb 2007

I have installed a Blue Soleil 1.6 dongle. I can transfer from my phone to the computer, but when I try to transfer ringtones from my computer to my phone I get a message saying 'Make sure that Bluetooth radio is plugged in'
What am I doing wrong here. If I can transfer from my phone to the computer, why can't I do the opposite?

  moorie- 12:21 11 Feb 2007

if you go to the blue soliel website it explains the pirate copy message , also the software can be purchased for £5.99 as the licence for the software is for the original dongle.
there is also an email function to resolve your other queries+faq
click here

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