Blue Yonder internet connection problem.

  Venus 11:39 25 Jan 2003

I went with a friend to help choose a second-hand computer at a computer fair. I'm not an expert technician but the friend knows zilch so was glad of my help.
There was a V92 modem in it but we couldn't get it to connect to their Blue Yonder Dial-Up connection. I set up a temporary account with a Pay-as-U-go connection and it worked fine. We phoned Blue Yonder Tech support who got us to tell them what the modem was (by clicking 'Modem's in the Control Panel etc. etc.) When I read it out they person said 'Oh that is why, Blue Yonder does not support V92 modems. However several techs have told me that is rubbish, so I emailed Blue Yonder as a prospective customer using a V92 modem and asked them if I migh have problems, back came the reply 'No, Blue Yonder has upgraded all its servers you should have no problem. Happy surfing!'
What do you make of this?
There was a network card in the machine that I mistook for a modem (thought the connector was an RJ11 instead of an RJ45 (I now know there are always two connectors on a modem).
We set up Blue Yonder from it's installation disk and (I didn't do that, a teenage of the family did it later on)I think it has been set up with the network card as the modem.
I tried to uninstall Blue Yonder and then reinstall it but I can't see any way to uninstall it, it is not in Add/Remove Programs and appears to have no self-uninstall procedure. We dont want to phone Blue Yonder again after the last lot of rubbish we got charged 50p per minute for. Any ideas.


  Venus 11:40 25 Jan 2003

The folks who sold us the computer don't want to know, although they supplied and fitted the modem.

  fitshase 12:56 25 Jan 2003

1. Find out from blueyonder (either on their website or phoning them), what the dial-up phone number is for your friend.

2. Open up my computer, click on dial-up networking and right click on the pay as you go dialup which you have set up.

3. Change the telephone number to the blueyonder one. Click OK.

4. Go to control panel and then internet options.

5. Click on the connnections tab. You should see your pay as you go dial up in the white box. Now select the dialup and click on settings.

6. Change the username and password to the blueyonder one. Click on OK.

Try dialing up now.

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