Blue tooth headset and Bluetooth dongle

  Mark-335400 13:31 10 Feb 2006

Does anyone know if its possible for the blue tooth headset that I use for my mobile phone can be configured to work with my PC via its blue tooth dongle, idea being to use messenger this way and not through my pc speakers and a seperate mic...

  Thalmus 13:35 10 Feb 2006

yes it can

  Mark-335400 13:43 10 Feb 2006

Thalmus, thanks for your reply, have you managed to do it yourself as I've had a couple of go's but no joy. I've tried 'pairing' etc but the dongle/software cant see it.. any ideas

  Thalmus 15:14 10 Feb 2006

Yeah i've done it myself although the audio was a little scratchy

there is normally a button combination to press on your headset to make it visable when you bluetooth dongle searches for devices

  Thalmus 15:15 10 Feb 2006

also when you installed your bluetooth dongle did you install the headset service?

  Mark-335400 15:29 10 Feb 2006

Thalmus, again thanks for your reply, I think I'd better sit down and go through the instructions for both devices slowly. As I have now found that it is possible for the devices to communicate (ie you have it working)it's obviously been the case that I have been doing something wrong. I will have a go at it tonight and over the weekend... just out of curiosity, is it much kop... thanks

  Thalmus 16:28 10 Feb 2006

Yes its good, worked exactly how you would think, although like i said when i used it i had some clicking sounds coming through the ear piece, although that probably just interference on my end

  Mark-335400 11:03 13 Feb 2006

managed to get headset 'seen' by pc by correctly using pairing, but I'm stuck on how to get it to work. ie I cant get any ontput as if using it as a mic and also cant get no sound through it as if using speakers... any ideas what I'm doing wrong

  Thalmus 11:12 13 Feb 2006

click start > control panel > sounds and audio devices, you can select the device you want to use for speakers and microphone under the various tabs

  Mark-335400 11:44 13 Feb 2006

ohhh dear, why didnt I think of that,,,, Brilliant Thalmus, thanks for your help, I will give it a go tonight after work... THANKS

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