Blue Tooth

  ruskle 19:54 06 Nov 2005

If I purchased one of those bluetooth things that drivers wear in their ears to connect to the mobile phone ( and others wear walking around in public (posers)),would I be able to wear one to listen to my music on my Laptop? Second question, how do they know which phone to connect to? If I had one for my music and somebody came close to my house with a Bluetooth phone could I hear it? My old phone only has infrared. Maybe I could use one for my Skype phone instead of my old headset which I use for Ham Radio (Class 1).


  bremner 19:57 06 Nov 2005

Bluetooth devices are 'paired ' to each other using a code to prevent the issues you describe.

  ruskle 20:07 06 Nov 2005

OK, so say I bought one from Argos who sell them as a stand alone how would I pair it up to my Laptop and would it then be able to be used for my MP3's ( very old stuff I took off my 1960's vinyl I bought myself, showing age now), or Skype.

  Saznat 21:30 08 Nov 2005

you would first need a bluetooth stack installed on your PC. There is one (though not wonderful) built in to XP service pack 2. Alternatively you could install the suypeiror Widcomm stack.

You would then need to put the headset into pairing/discoverable mode and search for it on the PC. Then when found, select it and pair it. you will be prompted for the 4 digit code that should be listed in the instructions for the headset (usually 1234).

Having done all this you can go into control panel, sounds then on both Audio and voice tabs
set default device to "Bluetooth Audio". Press button on headset to open a channel and you
should get all Windows sound through headset instead of speakers. That will include any MP3's that you plauy on the PC. Be warned thugh, the sound quality will not be brilliant.

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