Blue screen before Windows starts up during clean install.

  bda72 12:29 23 Jun 2011

A friend has a laptop that has crashed and they do not have recovery disks, they only use the laptop for internet and I have a new spare hard drive and an unused version of XP so thought this would be ok for them. The machine boots from the windows disk and starts loading all the setup files, the last message dislayed is "starting windows" then a blue screen appears with the following message.

Technical information:

STOP: 0.0000007E (0XC0000005,0XF76130BF,0XF7A5F208,0XF7A5EF08)

pci.sys - Address F76130BF base at F760C000, Datestamp 3b7d855c

The laptop is an Advent 7113 that was running Vista, it did have an 80Gb hard drive which has been replaced with a 160Gb model. The Windows XP disk is an origonal one which predates SP1. He is also asking if windows 7 will work on this laptop but I seem to be getting conflicting information. Any advice how to stop the blue screens would be gratefully received.



  gengiscant 12:43 23 Jun 2011

I think that it might be something to do with the lack of Sata drivers on the XP disk, you will need to create a slipstreamed disk.Sata

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 23 Jun 2011

Restore VISTA

If the old drive was cloned correctly when replaced by the 160G drive then the recovery partition may be there.

Acer Recovery Instructions

  1. Power on the machine
  2. At the white ACER BIOS screen, hold the “Alt” key and press the “F10” key simultaneously to start Acer eRecovery
  3. Once eRecovery has loaded, click “Restore to Factory Default Settings”
  4. Click “OK” to continue
  5. From here, the eRecovery process will update all the data on the C: drive and restore a fully functional factory image (approximately 10 minutes).
  6. Once eRecovery has run, press “OK” to reboot unit
  bda72 19:22 23 Jun 2011

Thanks for the replies, it's an Advent laptop from PCWorld not an Acer and it seems they need a recovery disk to getting the machine back to factory default via the hidden partion. I didn't clone the hard drive, just threw the new one in, SATA drivers sounds like a good place to start so thats my job for tonight after KFC has recharged the brain cells.

Thanks again.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:07 23 Jun 2011

Apologies don't know how I managed to read that as an Acer

you should be able to do some sort of recovery without disks

Advent full recovery procedure 1.Turn on the PC. 2.Just after the first screen appears (the logo screen), press the F10(F11) key repeatedly until a recovery menu appears. 3.Select one of the following procedures, depending on which recovery type you want to perform: To perform a standard system recovery, click Next, and then click Yes To perform a destructive recovery, click Advanced, (select Destructive Recovery) and then click Next. CAUTION: A destructive recovery will format the hard drive. This will delete all the information on the hard drive and reinstall Windows and the original software that came with the computer. 4.Read and respond to each window and screen that appears. After the System Recovery is complete, the PC restarts and continues into Windows setup. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 23 Jun 2011

Not sure that the problem is sata drivers but you are going to need them.

because Vista was on first and vista organises the file system different to XP you may need to completely wipe the HDD with something like killdisk before using the XP CD

  bda72 02:17 24 Jun 2011

His girl friend had a go at some kind of disaster recovery process as she called it, machine would not boot in any way once she had done that. I pulled the origonal hard drive out so that they could go down the recovery route if I can't get it working for free with XP. The hard drive I have fitted was fresh out of the wrapper and has not seen an operating system of any kind until I have tried to put on XP. Not had a chance to look at it tonight as the boss had more important stuff that she wanted me to do.



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