Blue screen - " Take it out I dont like it!"

  jack 14:21 22 Apr 2005

Or words to the effect

Twice to-day on start up a blue screen with the above. Once yesterday
The blurb then says

Then advises the removal of the most recently installed Hardware/Software
and gives the usual incomprensable data

The most recent addition has been a nice new stick off 256 DDR fresh from the ovens of Crucial on Wednesday
It started up fine and ran like greased lightening with a full Gb on board.

Having now taken out the new stick we are back to chugging as before.
So I guess I will have to get on to Crucial
But what is occuring or not?

  recap 14:28 22 Apr 2005

What is the last few lines of the BSD?

  recap 14:33 22 Apr 2005

Another thought,

Take out all your memory sticks, place the suspect one in and run your system. If it works in slot one, try it in slot 2 etc. Then try your original stick, doing the same thing.

This way you should find out if it is the new stick or not.

  jack 14:35 22 Apr 2005

I scribbled them down it goes like this
0x0000000A. OXD38480a6 0x0000002 0x0000001
or similar not certain about the exact 0 count.

  jack 14:39 22 Apr 2005

This is in line to do actually when this session is over.
I have mailed Crucial. See what they say

I have aslo noted in the past months that the old memory [2x128's] actually reads in P.O.S.T. 511 Mb
So it could be one of the existing 128's but sys runs OK SOOooooo?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:46 22 Apr 2005

click here

  jack 19:43 22 Apr 2005

Thank you FB - took a read looks like to be a memory thing, will have a serious check of the memory on the morrow before the days business - got lots to do to night.

At the moment then the original 128's are in and the Crucial 256 is back in its box.
As mentioned above on POST the memory from the originals actuually reads 511 Mb not 512 as one would suppose, could this indicate that one of the 128's is on the blink and the new 512 strip tip's it

  jack 11:50 23 Apr 2005

Thus morning following a mega stick/slot swap around [all digits crossed] all seems to be well
So I'll do the tick thingy then!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 23 Apr 2005

Glad you got it sorted

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