Blue screen system shutdown

  williamdog 11:31 21 Apr 2008

My son's pc has crashed with the dreaded blue screen informing of system shutdown. I have managed to F8 in order to reboot to last known good configuration. Unfortunatley the keyboard is wireless via usb as the keyboard socket is faulty and pc will not recognise the up/daown arrows. I have also tried to reboot system with rescue disc but again, cannot load from cd rom without keyboard. can I fit a new ps2 keyboard socket or get the pc to read usb keyboard or will I need a new motherboard? Please note I am not expert at IT just an ordinary "dad" who can read instructions! Thanks in advance for any help.

  awest3 11:50 21 Apr 2008

Had a similar problem and simply connected a ps2 keyboard which worked ok..I was then able to do a restore which seemed to fix the blue screen problem....


  williamdog 12:00 21 Apr 2008

Thanks, but as I said the keyboard socket appears faulty as I have tried several keyboards but no power

  awest3 12:06 21 Apr 2008

I think you can get a connector, you may well have one as they tend to come with most computers, which converts the standard ps2 conector to USB (I have one on mine)..this may get around your socket issue.

  birdface 12:10 21 Apr 2008

There is an internal keyboard that you can use.But how you get into it I don't know.

  williamdog 12:55 21 Apr 2008

I have a wireless keyboard with usb connection which can get into the screen I want by continually pressing F8 but when trying to using arrow keys/enter, there is no response so cannot get any further. Have just looked inside motherboard and the soldered connections next to keyboard socket appear blackened as if burned out. Is there a way of testing the socket as doesn't respond. Also can you buy the Ps2 sockets seperately? or are they soldered in.

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