Blue screen on start-up after enabling LAN card

  kikokun 17:44 10 Feb 2004

Hi guys,

Although I bought my PC 1 year ago, I only got around to enabling the built-in Ethernet card last night in order to network with my Mac using PC MACLAN.

After installing the Broadcom 440 drivers that came in my ASUS CD-rom, and installing PCMacLAN demo, I was finally able to connect my PC and MAC :)

Bad news is after rebooting I got this blue screen message right after the 'loading windows 2k' splash screen, listing some error and suggesting I hit the re-boot button.

Sometimes I've had to re-boot up to 4 times before Win2k launches succesfully.
Disabling the card or uninstalling the drivers or PC MacLan don't make any difference.

Broadcom on-line support answered this:
"This sound like there is a Virus in your system, when you say that you still get the bluescreen even when the adapter is disabled. I suggest to re-install the OS from scratch."

If it is the case that I have a virus, how come it didn't strike before (I've had broadband over a year now), surely it didn't come from the Mac? (I'd just re-formatted both HDs and clean installed OS 9 prior to networking both machines)

Do I really need to re-install win2k?, surely there is a way to get rid of that virus without drastic measures, I'd hate going thru the Win 2k installing palaver again.

Any suggestions



  Jester2K 17:50 10 Feb 2004

Probably the Bull.Virus. Usually found when speaking to a tech support that has no idea. Only solution is to suggest a total reformat because of the absence of any useful knowledge or experience.

Now, so we can help you, what are those error messages EXACTLY that occur on boot up??

  Jester2K 17:51 10 Feb 2004

Oh and whats the PC Spec?

  Jester2K 17:51 10 Feb 2004

Have you tried the latest drivers from Broadcom?

  kikokun 18:03 10 Feb 2004

Hi Jester,

Unfortuantely I'm posting from the office, I'll have to properly make a note of the message and PC's specs back at home and post it here.

The Broadcom drivers are 440 version 3.4, checked out their site for updates but couldn't find anything, not very user friendly.

I'll come back with proper info in an hour or so.



  kikokun 20:26 10 Feb 2004

Here's the message and my system info:
blue screen message:
STOP: cØØØØ26c {unable to load device Driver}
\SystemRoot\System32\Drivers\pcam.sys device driver could not be loaded.
Error status was ØxcØØØØØ22

If this the first time....restart...etc.

network card info:
Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller
Driver Version

Machine specs:
net highstreet ASUS A7V8X motherboard
OS Name Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Version 5.0.2195 Service Pack 3 Build 2195
Processor x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 0 AuthenticAMD ~1533 Mhz
BIOS Version Award Modular BIOS v6.0
Windows Directory C:\WINNT
System Directory C:\WINNT\System32
Boot Device \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1
Total Physical Memory 523,808 KB
Available Physical Memory 190,244 KB
Total Virtual Memory 1,801,364 KB
Available Virtual Memory 1,200,748 KB
Page File Space 1,277,556 KB
Page File C:\pagefile.sys

Again, I could log into Win2k after a couple of times.

Hope this helps make things clearer to those who know (it's all greek to me).
Also, when I installed the Broadcom drivers from the Asus CD, I did an install of the USB 2 drivers cause I wasn't sure I had done it when I installed win2k.

Thanks in advance


  kikokun 16:27 11 Feb 2004

A colleague suggested it could be a camera related problem judging by "pcam.sys" in the message.

I do have a webcam installed, I'm just wondering why it is causing problems now that I enabled the network card, how the hell are those two related?

I'll try uninstalling the camera and see if it makes any difference.

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