Blue screen on start up

  krsna 08:47 26 Jul 2004

My PC has XP pro with two 120gb hard drives and when I turn on my pc I get a blue error screen that says
Tech info :STOP 0x800000ed,0x81764e30,0xc0000030,0x00000000,0x00000000."
I have tried to start in safe mode but I end up on this blue sreen again.
I have tried to re-install XP but after the licence agreeement screen I get windows XP pro setup screen & it shows the the C drive as 114463mb with 114463 free and also it shows the d drive as 117797mb with 4874mb free.
If I try to go further selecting the C drive it tells me that I will lose data on the c drive.How can I get my pc working without losing data on the c drive?

  Tree3 08:50 26 Jul 2004

try repairing the installation of xp you have, when you boot puty cd in and the setup screen comes up and after the agreementpress 'r' i think it isto repair windows

  krsna 10:23 26 Jul 2004

Yes I wanted to do that but after the agreement page the next screen does not give me the repair option, I tried pressing r but no response.

  krsna 11:43 26 Jul 2004

I am begining to think that I might have caused the problem by not shutting down properly, could I have lost the data on the c drive?
Can someone please help.

  TommyRed 14:32 26 Jul 2004


  flyingpeterpan 15:13 26 Jul 2004

Is your PC self built? Do you have a full version of XP pro disc ? if so try to get yourself a spare HDD , small one will do ,because it shows that you have most of the data on drive D,
reload XP on the new drive ,you don't need to activate it,of course you have to disconnect both 120 gb HDD first, leave the original D drive alone and make the original C drive the slave by change the jumpers at the back of the HDD, then you should see it as D drive in the Windows then copy all the data to the new drive then format it by right click it's icon in My Computer and choose Format, finally change it back as Master and reload XP ,then transfer back all the data from the small HDD,don't forget to connect the other 120 gb HDD back.
And it could be simpler if you have a 2nd computer, you don't to get the new drive afterall.
And if you like, you can scroll through the forum , I am sure for the last few days there were alot of these problems going on, but it can be daunting and tedious if you don't much about

  krsna 17:41 26 Jul 2004

flyingpeterpan, I will try your method, but first I have will try to follow microsoft article 297185 which says that I could try a chkdsk/r, if that does not work then I think I will get a new spare h/drive & carry out your method above.

  krsna 09:51 27 Jul 2004

I tried to follow the microsoft article 297185(chkdsk/r) but when the % of disk checked reaches 75% it goes back to 50% and gets stuck there.
Also I cannot understand why I cannot install XP on the c or d drive without losing all data, in the past I have re-installed xp without losing data by pressing R after the license agreement screen, but now I only get a choice of installing xp & losing all data on the drives.Anyone know why?
So I have ordered another h/drive from ebuyer and will try to follow flyingpeterpan's method.

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