Blue screen and rebooting, no desktop.

  Mysticnas 17:49 18 Feb 2004

Hi all,

My brother just called me asking for help regarding his pc.

He was using it fine, then went out for 20min came back and saw his pc rebooting constantly. He gets the blue screen of death, the one saying that if this is the 1st time you've seen it reboot etc...

What happens when he reboots, it goes to diskcheck routine, then trie going to desktop, but freezes shows the blue screen for a second or 2 at most and reboots itself. It keeps on doing this, no matter what he does, safemode, last known good config, safemode-system restore. Everytime the same thing happens.

In the safemode-system restore mode it gets to the desktop and then as he starts system restore it just does it all over again, reboots that is.

  anon1 18:00 18 Feb 2004

I assume this is windows xp as you mention system restore. What about the rest of the system? Like what ram etc. The first thing to check is not he os but more the hardware. Is the fan spinning? Heat will make the system freeze and may even cause reboots, it could also be that if the computer is unprotected that a virus has got in. Please to get help at least post details of the system.

  Mysticnas 18:18 18 Feb 2004

XP pro, 384mb RD RAM, DVD, CDRW, GeForce2 ultra, Sound Blaster Live, 20gb hard drive, P4 1.4Ghz.

It's a Dell system, around 2-3yrs old.

No USB was plugged in. Nothing was functioning incorrectly. Norton Antivirus 2003 is installed and fully updated, also Norton Firewall.

  Chegs ® 18:23 18 Feb 2004

I would instantly pin the blame on the SoundBlaster,as I have one too,and its often the root cause of this happening on my pc.

  hugh-265156 18:27 18 Feb 2004

chkdsk runs because the computer was not shut down correctly.because it crashed.its just the computer being careful.are there any bad sectors reported on the scan?

has any new software been installed lately?

boot into safe mode click start/run type msconfig and untick everything except av and firewall.restart.

if it now works it was something in this list loading with windows causing the problem.

if it doesnt work its something else.

  Mysticnas 18:27 18 Feb 2004

it's never happend before. But i'll ask him to unplug it.

  hugh-265156 18:28 18 Feb 2004


start/run type msconfig click the start up tab

  Mysticnas 18:39 18 Feb 2004

yeah, i just told him bout mscongfig. It's awkward cuz everything's been done over the phone.

  Mysticnas 19:15 18 Feb 2004

He's managed to get to desktop in normal mode. But get's messages saying windows explorer has encountered an error and needs to close messages. Also other messages such as 3e4:QTtask.exe is corrupt and cannot be loaded. There is also a error message when he tries to start up Norton Utilities saying that it's corrupt and needs to be reinstalled.

System restore not working.

  Chegs ® 19:21 18 Feb 2004

QTtask.exe is part of QuickTime.If he can get to desktop,try removing QT and work on from there.

  Mysticnas 19:22 18 Feb 2004

he just noticed that on the dell splash screen during boot it said

"Invalid boot.ini file..." and made a reference to a windows directory....

does this mean anything?

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