Blue Screen, Looping start up, not past windows

  doanchi 10:14 22 Sep 2006

Hope you guys can help. I've just rebuilt my PC after the last time this happened...I had problems with installing windows due to a dirty DVD drive so swopped out to CD ROM install which worked. Rebuilt PC then installed everything working lovely for about 3 days then problems...


AMD 2600
1024 MB ram
AS rock VM800 Mobo
ATI graphics card 9600 256mb
160GB HDD (brand new)
I do have another drive in there also for MP3 etc 80GB

I was playing a game (BF2) when the display turned off - but hard disk still running. I powered off and was confronted with the following on restart;

Start up takes me to screen with menu items, "Start in";

1. Safe Mode
2. Safe Mode with networking
3. Safe mode with command prompt
4. Last known good configuration
5. Start windows normally

If I choose 1 or 2 and then choose to system restore the system restore does not solve the problem. I choose a point, system retore progress window appears then it restarts..after 4 clicks of the hardrive it loops back to the "Start in" screen with the 5 options.

Choice 3 gives me Command console - and I type exit and leave.

Choice 4,5 doesnt work - back into the cycle.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I dont want to have to flatten PC again - as I had to call Microsoft cos my product key had been used so many times - by volume of the amount of times I've flattened this. Think they thought I was installing multiple copies...

  Sparkly 13:30 22 Sep 2006

Hi doanchi i built a system for my son with more or less the same specs as yours except it had a pentium 4 socet 775 3GHZ it just would not fire up to windows had the same options as you but to no avail, in the end i had to put the windows xp disc in and do a repair this eventually put everthing as it should have been and i did not have to use my product key the second time around. Hope this helps in anyway.

  doanchi 14:16 22 Sep 2006

Cheers Sparkly,

I've never done a repair before - although I've seen the option - is it straight forward?



  Sparkly 15:58 22 Sep 2006

if that is your only option it is straight forward take a look at this link it explains it step by step.
click here

  doanchi 14:56 23 Sep 2006

Thanks Sparkly,

That seems to have sorted it out.



  doanchi 14:58 23 Sep 2006


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