Blue screen - how do I run CHKDSK

  wildhouse 20:43 18 Jun 2011

I ran the Disk clean-up utility on my Dell Dimension 4550 this afternoon - it took quite a long time but removed quite a bit and I then used my computer for about an hour with no problems. However, when I turned the computer on a couple of hours later, I got a blue screen. I turned off the computer and re-started; first I tried to re-start from the prompt screen to run from the last known working configuration, but it went to the blue screen again. I then tried from safe mode, but still it wouldn't work. According to the Dell website, the blue screen error code (0X00000024) means that there is corrupt data and the run CHKDSK/F. However, I can't see how to do this if Windows won't start. Would love some help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 18 Jun 2011

chkdsk /f you need the space before /

Op system?

if XP boot from the cd into recovery console

If Vista or W7 Boot from DVD into command prompt

if no dvd then tap F8 (f5) when booting to get to the repair partition

again select command prompt from the menu

  Strawballs 21:11 18 Jun 2011

I don't suppose you know what make of HDD is in there?

  wildhouse 21:22 18 Jun 2011

Thanks Fruit Bat - will try that.

Will investiage HD - I changed it about a year or 2 ago for a larger one so it's not the original one - I still have that if the worst comes to the worst.

Will report back later!

  wildhouse 23:00 18 Jun 2011

Have finally managed to get into the recovery console. I have got a a place where I am asked which Windows installation I would like to log into but I am being asked to enter an administrator password. I am not aware that I ever created a password and if I did have no idea what it could be, so I pressed enter. I now have the screen C:|WINDOWS> What should I enter here?

Thanks again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 19 Jun 2011

Thats the command prompt

now type

chkdsk /f /r

press enter

if you have a large drive it could take quite awhile.

  wildhouse 11:23 19 Jun 2011

I thought that was probably what I was supposed to enter! However, as I was unable to get into the recovery console the way you suggested (think my CD drive is being temperamental but thankfully the DVD drive read the Windows CD)I got in by some other way (can't remember now) and eventually got to the prompt screen. However, because I was unsure I decided to close down and got the boot screen again - I had heard the CD whirring so thought I would try again to boot via last known working configuration, and something must have happened, because it worked! Now using my own computer and not my daughter's laptop to write this.

I am wondering if it was something to do with McAfee CleanLite that caused the data damage. I uninstalled McAfee years ago as it slowed my computer down so much and I use Avast as my anti-virus, but for some reason the Clean Lite part wouldn't uninstall. When given the option to delete during the Disk Clean-up process, I had the Windows option or the McAfee option, which is the one I choose. I think I will steer clear of that as I did notice it seemed to have problems with some of the files.

Thanks for your help as it got me there in a 'roundabout' way - have had your help before and always sorted the problem out in the end!

But since my computer is now 8 1/2 years old (even though I have changed the HD and added RAM) I think it is time to speed up the search for a new one!

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