blue screen ....... HELP

  adam_walker 13:14 24 Feb 2011

hello, presently i was playing music on my laptop and it kinda started crashing like it went all weird i cant really explain it and then it shut down and went to blue screen i cant remember what it said probably typical blue screen error screen. then it just restarted by its self and worked again yesterday it happens again (the same thing) and it worked again i backed up all my stuff and scanned it for windows errors and scanned for everything else its working at the moment but i dont know whats wrong with it.

  adam_walker 13:16 24 Feb 2011

oh and the laptops an Acer Aspire 5735 Windows Vista Home Basic service pack 2 if that helps with anything.

  961 13:29 24 Feb 2011

Is it getting too hot? Are all the ventilation holes particularly underneath clean and clear of dust. Is the laptop standing on a hard surface?

Download and run free version of

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:37 24 Feb 2011

click here Blue screen viewer will give more info on why it crashed.

  adam_walker 13:43 24 Feb 2011

they all seem to be ok without takiing the bottom of the laptop off yes its quite cool and yes its on a desk. and ill do the links now.

  adam_walker 14:24 24 Feb 2011

it just came up with unexpected shut downs, things that stopped working and Program Compatibility Assistant. that couldn't of caused the blue screen apart from the unexpected shut downs couldn't it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:16 24 Feb 2011

Blue screen view will analyse the mindmp that happen with the crash
poet its findings here for further advice.

I suspect you have a driver conflict.

  adam_walker 15:38 24 Feb 2011

hmmm yeah im thinking its a hardware problem. im not sure could be summit to do with the sound card maybe hence why the music messed up and then crashed the computer.

  Bris 19:23 24 Feb 2011

The fact that it restarts automatically can be a nuisance, to stop it right click on "computer" and choose properties then open file location and right click on that. Choose "advanced system settings" then in the startup & recovery section untick "startup automatically".

BSODS are almost always down to hardware with the main culprit being memory, just had one myself, reseated the memory sticks and all back to normal. If you want to test memory Vista has a tester its in Control panel/administrative tools/memory diagnostics tool.

  adam_walker 19:46 24 Feb 2011

i cant find the start up recovery part, yeah ive checked the memory that seems to be fine too i did that yesterday.

  Bris 19:54 24 Feb 2011

Another route is Control panel/system/advanced system settings/startup & recovery then settings.

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