Blue screen help!!!

  muzza 23:42 16 May 2008

I am repeatedly getting a blue screen on starting up windows vista. This issue has started since the latest "Windows update". I have tried all the advanced boot options, but still get the blue screen. I have tried my recovery disk, but again blue screen.
How do I get to fdisk in Vista. Is it still there as an option?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  mrwoowoo 00:41 17 May 2008

The culprit is possibly the KB943899 update.
If you have to, boot from CD or start normally if you can, and go into Control Panel>Windows update>View Update History>Installed Updates then delete that one (KB943899). Also turn off
automatically download and install updates so you wouln't get it again.

  muzza 00:46 17 May 2008

Unfortunately windows will not load at all. not in any of the advanced boot options (F8) or using the optical drive. Is there a way of formatting the disk and trying from scratch. (I'm not too hot on Vista, I'm more old school and love 98SE where you can get in there and get your hands dirty!!!)

  mrwoowoo 01:04 17 May 2008

Have you tried to access the bios?
F2,F10 F12 OR DELETE depending on your bios.
Here you need to set it to first boot device being cd rom drive.
If you can't access your pc this way,then i'm stumped.

You then need to put in your windows Vista disk. Then restart the computer. It will say to boot from cd press a key... press one. Windows vista will now load files. Click that you want to install vista and wait for it to show you a list of all the drives on your pc, you may only have one. Once it shows it should show theres already vista installed click advanced and click format. Then select the drive and continue the installation.

Some manufacturers assign a key to access the restore partion on your hard drive.Perhaps there is something in your manual?

  muzza 01:15 17 May 2008

Naffed if I know where my manual is. The trouble and strife has a habit of throwing things away lol !!
Will try the above, but when I've selected boot from cd/dvd it's loaded the files, then gone to that nasty blue screen again!

Does the recovery disk contain all of windows?

All my computers in the past have come with a specific windows disk

Alternatively, I have a full copy of ME, and an upgrade XP professional, is that an option if all else fails?
Or should I take it back to that renowned High St/ out of town "superstore" and let them sort it, it becomes 1 yr old this week!!!

  muzza 01:30 17 May 2008

have tried the above. Loads the files, but said same nasty comes up.
Error code is
stop: 0x0000C1F5 Ihave no clue what this means.
Whatever happened to the option of fdisk and installing. more cash for the industry one feels, or am I being cynical?

  mrwoowoo 01:35 17 May 2008

I would take it back.
Just googled the error message,and all the forums etc say it is a failed hard drive.)O:!

  mrwoowoo 01:38 17 May 2008

Could try to open the case and reseat hard drive cables and memory,as someone suggested may work.

  MCE2K5 01:53 17 May 2008

Read This,

click here

  MCE2K5 01:57 17 May 2008

and this,

click here

  muzza 02:00 17 May 2008

I speed read that, but I assume in essence that I need a new HDD. Vrai ou Faux?

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