Blue Screen ,frozen display, now nothing.

  GraemeSargent 14:17 15 Sep 2009

I have a self-built PC that has been giving me trouble for the past week and is now not doing anything. It started with the montior display freezing completely, leaving me with no option other than to press the reset button.
A few days later I started to get the dreaded blue screen - mostly with "page fault in non-paged area", as well as "driver irql not less or equal" (or something similar). Finally, I started getting a message on my monitor saying "out of range XXHz", while the rest of the screen was blank.

If I now turn it on, all fans and drives will power up but the monitor will not switch out of stand-by, suggesting there is no input to it. I have checked the monitor on another PC, as well as trying another graphics card.

I have stripped the components from the case and now have just the Mobo, PSU, Processor, keyboard and speaker connected on the desk. I removed the RAM and powered the board up. Fan in PSU is on, processor fan is on. I get no beeps from the speaker to indicate a failed POST due to the missing RAM. I have cleared the CMOS by removing the battery and altering the jumper. Still nothing.

I don't know what else to try - I have looked at the processor on the pin-side and there appears to be discolouration from heat around the chip. Would a faulty processor give the above faults???

What else can I do??

AMD Athlon XP2500
Optronix Mobo - Socket 462 (it has 3 x DDR, 1 x AGP & 4 x PCI)
Nvidia GeForce MX graphics
Tsunami Switching PSU350W
XP Pro

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:24 15 Sep 2009

page fault in non-paged area", as well as "driver irql not less or equal" usually RAM problems would also explain total freeze

Try with one stick of ram at a time or use memtest to test the RAM

Memory Test
MemTest - click here
Tutorial: How to use Memtest - click here
Windows Memory Test - click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:25 15 Sep 2009

I wouldn't rule out a failing PSU either

  GraemeSargent 14:39 15 Sep 2009

Thanks for the suggestions.

I think I would have trouble using memtest as I am not even getting the BIOS to show on the screen. I guess my only option is to try one stick at a time and see if I get any display??

I will also check the PSU voltages whilst I am at it and report back later tonight.

  GraemeSargent 17:29 15 Sep 2009

Quick update -

I have swapped all the ram around, trying one at a time in slot 1, then 2, and finally 3. Each time I get the same result - a blank screen which is not switching out of standby. I have tried 2 other monitors, which have both been confirmed as working as well as trying another graphics card.

I have also measured the voltages in all the cables from the PSU and they are all around 1v above what they should be.

What else can I do?

I can test the ram in another machine to confirm they are working as well as trying the above with another PSU. I guess that will leave me with a choice between a Mobo fault or a processor fault.

With the discolouration around the processor chip, is this the likely culprit???

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