Blue screen event - does it always mean this laptop is finished?

  manrow 20:55 12 Feb 2015

I had a 'blue screen' event earlier, which I recovered through safe mode and then back to full windows 7. It seems to be running quite happily several hours later, so does a blue screen always mean a computer is doomed? I updated the laptop with a Windows Update this morning, could that be the cause? Is the answer to rescue all the files from the hard drive onto an external drive; then format the hard drive and reinstall windows. Is that guaranteed to overcome the problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:21 12 Feb 2015

BSOD can be caused by many things only occasionally is it hard ware and meaning a machine failure.

Most BSOD are caused by software errors somethimes due to windows upadate sometimes its third party drivers or virus and malware all of which can be sorted.

  Ian in Northampton 21:45 12 Feb 2015

BSODs can be caused by all manner of transient events. If you think of a PC as a remarkable delicate machine - it's fantastic how robust they actually are - it can take just one tiny error to cause it to malfunction in a way it can't recover from, and give you a BSOD. One-off BSODs are seldom terminal - but repeated BSODs tend to indicate you have an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

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