Blue screen errors on start up

  lisa_gedo 12:28 21 Jul 2009

I have recently had my laptop repaired (only a replacement AC adapter) after getting it back it started up with a blue screen error and re-booted, i managed to get it to come on once (just long enough to get my pics of it!) then it blue screened and went off again, now i can't get it to boot at all, i keep getting different blue screen messages (NTFS, CACHE_MANAGER to name 2)

any ideas ta

  howard64 12:51 21 Jul 2009

could be a wrong voltage adapter or something moved during transport. If it was repaired locally take it back. If you have the os cd you could try booting from it. This would at least prove that it is the op sys at fault rather than a physical problem. If Xp and you have the cd you opt to repair windows which does not wipe out your data.

  lisa_gedo 13:11 21 Jul 2009

it's running Vista so no OS disk, it's possible something has moved i suppose, i was told the adaptor was the right one for the laptop. The start-up repair failed, no resotre points and couldn't do complete restore as have no disk, when i went through all this it gave me the option to restart, when i did the laptop came on! I am now in process off removing all documents from it before any blue screen messages appear, i will then try a re-install, will let u know what happens......fingers crossed

  OTT_Buzzard 13:49 21 Jul 2009

When you get the blue screen is there an error message? If so, can you get the first line or two of text from the top of the screen and the 'Stop' code (e.g. Stop 0X0000010) from the bottom of the screen?

  lisa_gedo 19:47 21 Jul 2009

well i managed to get it on long enough to reset it, got near the end and got a blue error message !!!!! will get code next time i try it

  OTT_Buzzard 21:16 21 Jul 2009

To prevent the PC automatically restarting after the BSOD:

Start Menu - Right Click on Computer - Properties - Advanced tab - then click Settings under Startup and Recovery.

Uncheck Automatically Restart.

The above procedure is for Vista - XP will be very similar.

  lisa_gedo 19:36 31 Jul 2009

well i rang the shop who did the AC adaptor replacement and explained the problem to them (bearing in mind there hadn't been a single problem with it before i took it in), took the laptop back, now they tell me they've checked everything and still get the same message and that an engineer will take a look at the mother board! does this sound right because it seems extreme to me, i would of thought it was that if i'd had problems previous to the repair.

  howard64 12:44 01 Aug 2009

I think if they want lots of money you ask for an estimate in writing and tell them you will take it somewhere else for an estimate as you believe their original work caused the problem. This might just jog them into being realistic. Having said the above I would point out that faults do occasionlly occur and it could just be coincidence. Also if any repair is more than half the price of a replacement I would not have it done. It is a shame that you do not have someone close by that could have a look at it for you. If you were near me I would I am near Gatwick airport.

  lisa_gedo 01:43 02 Aug 2009

thanks for the reply howard unfortunately i'm in liverpool lol.....i'll wait until wednesday and see what they say, but i do feel that it is their repair that has caused some kind of problem.....will let u know...thanks

  lisa_gedo 17:06 10 Aug 2009

ok got call back from pc shop, told me he'd replaced everything in the laptop and still getting error messages, left it for their technicial to take a look. rang me back this week to tell me that a stick of ram was faulty so they removed it and now it's working fine !!!! less memory but at least they repaired it at no extra cost to me lol....thanks for all you help

  howard64 17:25 10 Aug 2009

glad its sorted - you could have asked them to put in another stick of ram or do it yourself. With laptops there is normally a small lid held on by a couple of screws with the ram underneath. Log on to to scan your laptop and tell you what is fitted and what you can fit. It is normally just a question of slipping the ram into the slot and either pushing it down to lock or sometimes pushing it sideways. A look in the manual will normally tell you where to look and what to do.

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