Blue screen of death - Windows not booting

  stu1901 15:25 23 Oct 2007

Hi all,
i have an acer laptop, running windows xp pro, SP1 (i think).

Today i was using my laptop , surfing the net as usual when the blue screen came up. It said unknown hard error. \systemroom\system32\ntdll.dll.

I then turned the computer off and the windows xp pro logo came up but wouldnt go any further. Anothe blue screen came up and said 'A problem has been detected and windoes has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
A driver corrupted pool memory used for holding pages destined for disk'
Now i have no idea what that means. I havnt installed any hardware recently. I installed an update to aim recently but i doubt that would have anything to do with it.
I tried to start twindows in safemode but it wont load.
Bascially im stuck with a blue screen every time i turn it on.

Any help??

Thanks alot!

  woodchip 15:29 23 Oct 2007

have you tried Safe mode pressing F5 or F8 as comp starts

  stu1901 15:32 23 Oct 2007

yes, as i mentioned it wont load in safe moad either. A black screen with strings of white text come up. But after waiting 10 minutes the blask screen is still there. iv tried it a couple of times now.

  ventanas 15:41 23 Oct 2007

click here

In this case it was memory failure.

  woodchip 15:42 23 Oct 2007

it may just need the memory removing then refit it

  stu1901 15:51 23 Oct 2007

what i dont understand is, i have not touched the memory (i am not a computer wizz!!) so if the memory is the problem, why did it break and how do i got about fixing/replacing it?

  ventanas 15:56 23 Oct 2007

It may not be the cause. Look at what the chap in the link did. At first it was thought to be the DVD drive. Start by disconnecting bits one at a time and trying to boot. There is no need to put the case back together each time.

Also try as Woodchip suggested. Remove the memory and reseat it. If you push back the retaining levers it should pop up.

It looks like a process of elimination.

  stu1901 16:03 23 Oct 2007

is this easy to do? i dont want to take out the memory and not be able to get it back in or break it. If i take out the memory, the laptop wont run will it? or should i take it out then put it back in then run the laptop?

  woodchip 16:03 23 Oct 2007

Yes I would think its Hardware but, Does you Computer beep at all when it starts? this depends on if you have a internal speaker. under normall conditions it should beep once.

  stu1901 17:26 23 Oct 2007

hi. i just tried to remove the memory. i unfortunalty couldnt get to the memory to take it out! I also couldnt remove the dvd player as i didnt want to use too much force on it.
Lastly, i dont think the laptop beeped.

  woodchip 21:50 23 Oct 2007

The memory should be under a plate at the bottom of the comp, may be about two screws holding it. the memory is at an incline. You have to undo the clips at both ends of the stick before it will come out. As it's a Laptop you could also try removing the Hard Drive, then refit it. This may also be under a plat or at the edge of the computer

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