Blue Screen of Death - Only When First Booting

  kinger 21:42 07 Jan 2007

I am getting the, so called, Blue Screen of Death' everytime I switch my computer on.

It happens as either the log in screen or when I reach the desktop after a couple of minutes.

I have run Chkdsk and swithed off Disk Keeper defrag at start-up and also run a memory test for several hours but still it keeps cropping up.

After re-booting, everything is fine until I switch on the computer again then, sure enough, blue screen all over again.

Can anyone throw any light on why this might be happening?

I've disconnected all peripherals but it still does it.

Trend Micro 'PC Cillin' Internet security is my antivirus and firewall software which occasionally announces that it has gone back to the last known good configuration due to a 'serious error' occuring on the system.

I am running Win XP with service pack two with all latest updates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Technotiger 21:44 07 Jan 2007

Hi, do you get the normal startup beep during boot?

  kinger 21:53 07 Jan 2007

Yes, I do

  Technotiger 22:36 07 Jan 2007

Hmmm, I would advise checking fittings of any graphics card and also remove and replace RAM sticks after making sure all sockets are clean and dust-free. I think this is more hardware related than software.

  Technotiger 22:40 07 Jan 2007

ps - also check for dust/dirt around fans and cpu.

  kinger 22:59 07 Jan 2007

Thanks, I will check this out first thing tomorrow.

I was concerned it may be a hard disk drive but as it only happens on boot up and is fine after that it looks more like something that, once warmed up, is running OK.

  Technotiger 23:07 07 Jan 2007

Well, your suspicions could be correct, worth checking all connections, cables etc. I do think it is more likely to be hardware related.

  kinger 16:30 08 Jan 2007

No faults found inside, memory mods OK and hardly any dust (computer isn't very old).

If it's any help I have found a 'reason' in the blue screen text, it is as follows:

Bad Pool Header

What this means I don't know but if anyone technical can help I'd much appreciate it.

  zarobian 16:44 08 Jan 2007

Can you check the boot sequence in the BIOS. Make the boot order as under:-

First boot device as cdrom;
Second boot device as floppy drive if fitted;
and the third boot device as Hard Drive.

Give it a try. May help.


  zarobian 16:53 08 Jan 2007

Have a read: click here

  kinger 16:56 08 Jan 2007

"IRQL Not Less or Equal" is another one it throws up, just for the record.

Once I reboot from the first boot of the day, it works fine.

I'm wondering if it's changing to the 'Last known good configuration' automatically on re-boot?

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