Is this blue screen of death?

  SJM_81 01:38 30 Dec 2010

My neighbor as give me her laptop to fix because she has lesser clue than me.

Anyway...i tried to start the PC and a full screen of jargon came up for 5 seconds and the first sentence said...something has shut down the PC?

anyway to fix this?


  chub_tor 10:00 30 Dec 2010

Was the screen blue when the "jargon" came up? If not then it wasn't the "blue screen of death". If it was white writing on a black background then it was telling you something useful about what was happening. Boot it up again but this time try hitting the Paus/Break button when the "jargon" comes up. With a bit of luck it will stay on the screen and you can read it and tell us what it says. Then we can perhaps help you some more.

  gengiscant 10:06 30 Dec 2010

I'm afraid, as good as people are on this forum, a bit more detail than you have provided is needed,so far you given us have none.

Lets start with make/model of laptop?
Operating system?
What exactly is the problem?
Is it that the PC does not start?
How long has the problem existed?
What error message do you get on screen, as near to the exact words as possible please?

  SJM_81 17:25 30 Dec 2010

Hi guys.

Ive just logged on in safe mode then turned off pc and it says do not switch off windows installing updates of 1-1.

If she switched it off when it was updating...could that have caused the problem?

Anyway I left it to install, so I hope its fixed now.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:41 30 Dec 2010

that is quite likely to be a cause.
Learned something new
pause:break button.

Hadn't even noticed there was such a button

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