Blue screen of death!

  noobtype 11:44 05 Jul 2009


Recently my PC has been shutting itself down and going to the blue screen, with this message:

0x0000a 0x0000c 0x00001b 0x000000 0x8223cbc2

Then it does a memory dump and restarts. I just updated the graphics card driver and it still happens (nvidia 8800gt)

Is it from over heating as the case feels pretty hot even though i have the side panel off.

Any ideas?

  kalstras 12:01 05 Jul 2009

Possibly, you may need an extra fan there, but also you may have overloaded the kernel.

  noobtype 12:05 05 Jul 2009

But it's only started recently and i havent changed anything. It also says IRQL less or not equal.

  DjSprinks 17:21 05 Jul 2009

i also have this BSOD with a friends sons pc.
Any ideas ppl??

  noobtype 21:50 05 Jul 2009

ok now when it crashes it says: dxgkrnl.sys - Page fault in non paged area.

i dont know what that means but it can't be good

  noobtype 10:46 07 Jul 2009

I'm bumping this as i posted on a sunday. It's getting worse. Any ideas folks?

  rdave13 11:08 07 Jul 2009

Could be faulty ram. Get someone to download the memtest iso file and burn to disc. Run a teast on your PC. click here

  rdave13 11:09 07 Jul 2009

I meat test not 'teast'!

  rdave13 11:31 07 Jul 2009

Also if the case feels 'hot' make sure all the fans are spinning and clean out any dust build up carefully.

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