Brezza 18:43 06 Feb 2007

Hiya Guys,

Iv got a problem with my PC and im not sure whats wrong with it. For some reason it keeps giving me the blue screen of death saying "BEGINGIN DUMP OF PHYSICAL MEMORY", iv also been getting EXPLORER.EXE HAS CAUSED AND ERROR AND WILL NOW CLOSE messeges.

Normally i would put it down to a HDD failure cause thats what it sounds like, but iv done a scandisc, deleted all partitions, reinstalled windows (On both my drives) and the same thing keeps happening?

The only recent hardware change i have made is for a new graphics card GefORCE 7900 GT. It does seem to crash more often when im playing games and vides etc so im wandering if the graphics card is cauing the problems? Iv re-installed all the drivers (the new ones for Vista) but i still keep getting the same problem. This is happening on both XPSP2 and Vista My machine spec is as follows..

P4 3.0Ghz Prescott
350 Watt PS
2 X 512Mb DDR PC3200
GeForce 7900 GT PCI-E

Any help would be appreciated, im tearing my hair out over this one lol

  Joe R 18:58 06 Feb 2007


looking at your system, I would say that the psu looks to be the one component that looks to be a bit lacking.

If you are using an extra connector for your video card, as well as running two H/d's, I would think you should be looking at at least a 450 watt psu.

  User-312386 19:01 06 Feb 2007

Have you got the new Zone Alarm installed by nay chance?

  Totally-braindead 19:05 06 Feb 2007

350 watts is a bit low for a 7900GT. I'm sure the recommended power supply is a miminum of something like a 450 watts, it might be higher.

  Brezza 19:35 06 Feb 2007

Hiya guys,

Iv unplugged one of my HDD to free up a bit of power but it crashed while watching a trailer just now. The wierd thing i forgot to mention is that for the first 2 weeks or so after install the graphics card it seemed to work fine, it just started happening all of a sudden? dunno if that makes a difference?

  User-312386 19:50 07 Feb 2007

As i said above have you got zone alarm installed?

  Brezza 20:44 07 Feb 2007

Hi Madboy33

I Dont use zone alarm, and since i did a re-install of windows i havent installed anything except a few games.

  freaky 21:02 07 Feb 2007

I think you will find that your new 7900GT requires a separate power connection direct from your PSU. As a result your PSU cannot cope, hence the problem. The warning messages you are getting do not necessarily have relevance.

Suggest you remove the 7900GT and replace with your previous card. If you still get the problem, then at least you have eliminated the 7900GT as the cause. Try this and let us know the result.

  Brezza 21:06 07 Feb 2007

The Graphics card does require a seperate power connection, although its a PCIE it doesnt need an adapter like most, it just has the standard 4 pin. Might just pick up a cheap 450 PSU and see if it works better, if it does then i'll invest in a decent named one :)

Thanks guys :)

  woodchip 21:12 07 Feb 2007

How much free space have you got on C:\drive, If you do not have much that's why the Virtual memory crashes it. Games also explains the above, as it uses a lot

  [email protected] 21:22 07 Feb 2007

7600gt wont run or last for long on a 350 watt psu.

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