Blue Screen of Death

  SABRE 08:37 09 Sep 2004

Keep getting it. Sometimes in the middle of my work, sometimes if PC left unattended for a while. Have unplugged all peripherals and PC is just running on a Gigabyte GA-7vr motherboard, an AMD Athlon processor (cant remember exact but about a 2.2 Ghz), an Geoforce2 MX-400/64mb graphics card and a couple of hard drives. Aslso running XP Home.

Think the error messages keep refering to some sort of driver prob. but have downloaded latest drivers for devices.

Shall I start again with a new motherboard and graphics card?

  AndySD 08:44 09 Sep 2004

Can you note the error message?

Also Have you updated the Motherboard drivers?

  SABRE 10:59 09 Sep 2004

Thanks Andy SD. I have downloaded the drivers on my office PC and will take 'em home for installation tonight. I will also do a complete format/re-install of everything.
Also, do you know how I can check if the motherboard is using the latest bios and how, if necessary, I go about updating it?

  AndySD 11:06 09 Sep 2004

click here

The version should be displayed as the pv boots.

  SABRE 16:26 09 Sep 2004

....that I have found documented on the net? i.e. a faulty bunch of capacitors were fitted to m/boards a couple of years ago and thats about how old this m/bourd is.

  AndySD 16:38 09 Sep 2004

It could be or it could be a dodgy graphics card connection of a blocked or dirty fan....the list is endless.... but without the error message its imposable to tell.

  BurrWalnut 16:44 09 Sep 2004

You can determine very quickly if it is a capacitor problem by inspecting them. They will be bulging and leaking.

DON'T touch them if you've just switched off as they are very, very hot - I still have the scars!

  SABRE 10:29 10 Sep 2004

Well, fingers crossed. Completely re-formated last night. Took out the old 256mb Ram and replaced with 512. Updated the m/board and graph. card drivers and loaded SP2. Apart from a couple of freezes while loading misc. software, when I got up this morning the PC seemed to be in good shape i.e. no blue screen. have inspected the capacitors and all seems OK. Dod find a website that absolutely slags off this m/board. All I want to do is get e-mails and write a few letters.
Anyway, time will tell. Will update next week.

  SABRE 08:42 14 Sep 2004

PC has now started to hold together. Thank you once again 'helpdesk' readers for your assistance. Invaluable as always.

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