Blue Screen crash graphics?

  DoubleDee2011 11:36 15 May 2011

Hi All

I am looking for some advice on a problem I am having with my desktop.

Until recently I was running XP but the system encountered a problem and began crashing - first the screen would go funny (as if the graphics card had errors or there was damage to the LCD), then it would blue screen me and the shut down.

I had major problems trying to reinstall XP, so I chose to install 7 ultimate instead. Managed to complete the installation, but it worked ok last night, then this morning it started doing the same thing.

Originally the OS was installed on a SATA drive, but I thought the drive itself may have been the problemn so I installed 7 to another drive (not a SATA but can't remember what they are called :/).

So I have changed the software, and the drive - but still getting problems - what can I do?

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 15 May 2011

The information on the Blue screen would help us solve the problem.

But its beginning to sound like memory, try removing one stick of memory at a time and see it that stops it.

  johndrew 12:40 15 May 2011

Or sometimes a dead/dying CMOS battery can have weird effects. Additionally have you tried re-seating your cards/RAM and checking the connections to the motherboard and drives?

  DoubleDee2011 15:27 15 May 2011

Thank you for the replies.

I have checked that everything is plugged in snugly. I have two memory chips and two memory slots - I have rebooted with each chip in each slot and both together (swapping slots each time) - I am still getting the same result.

I seem to be able to copy files over from one hard drive to another without issue but if I try to open a download manager (thats all there is program wise at the moment) it crashes everytime.

Forgot to mention earlier it has onboard graphics.

On the last blue screen all I managed to catch was STOP: OxOOOOOOO8

I will try to get more next time it happens.

  gengiscant 15:54 15 May 2011

Use this program to get a details of your BSOD. Bluescreen

  chub_tor 16:11 15 May 2011

If "the screen goes funny" it could be a graphics card problem or possibly the graphics card driver although if it has happened on both XP and Win 7 installations I would think that the latter is unlikely although worth a try to make sure that you have the latest driver for your on board graphics. Any chance that you can (at least temporarily) borrow or get a stand alone graphics card? - you don't say what motherboard or PC that you have so it could be either AGP or PCIe.

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