Blue Screen after System Tools 2011 Removal

  Kilty 11:50 19 Jan 2011

I have recently been infected with the system tools virus. I was able to get into safe mode install Malwarebytes and ran it, it produced a report of infections, which I removed. I restarted the machine and now it just blue screens. It will not start in any mode. Is there anything I can do?

Thanks in advance for any help given.

  xania 11:56 19 Jan 2011

You don;t say which version of Windows you have installed but it looks as if an important file was removed as damaged. The best bet is to reinstall the OS over the top, so as to not lose any of your files and settings.

  gengiscant 12:00 19 Jan 2011

You give very few details, like your operating system for instance, but you might try a repair install. After altering the boot sequence in the bios to boot from CD first, make sure your operating system CD is in the optical drive then doing a repair.

If you post your operating system I will post details of doing the above.

  Kilty 12:03 19 Jan 2011

Thanks for the reply. The version of Windows is XP, if I install another version of XP onto the machine would the virus not just infect that version too?

Thanks again for the reply

  961 12:25 19 Jan 2011

That may be so but the first need is to get the pc running and then worry about getting rid of

  gengiscant 12:30 19 Jan 2011

Follow this to re-install XP click here
If your concerned about the virus and you know how you got it,you could slave your harddrive,copy your personal stuff, then do a fresh install. This is a lot of work but with preparation is an alternative.

  Kilty 13:08 19 Jan 2011

Thanks for the advice so far. When I relised I had the virus I followed the steps on the internet to remove it, I shut down, started in safe mode and ran malwarebytes, this pulled out the files and restarted. Why, if Malwarebytes had claimed to clean the system, did the OS go wrong? Just a question.

I remember having this virus a year ago on a friends laptop and Malwarebytes got shut of it without any after effects, has it been adapted?

Thanks again and in advance for your advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 19 Jan 2011

Virus/ malware can "infect and rename" windows files the cleaning program removes the infected files and therefore windows crashes.

You need to replace the files with clean versions and a repair install is the best way to go if you do not have a "clean" image of your system.

I take an image weekly using Acronis. Images can be restores very quickly (15mins last time I had to do it) faster than repairing / reinstalling windows.

  Kilty 15:36 20 Jan 2011

Thanks again for all the useful advice.

I went to remove the HHD to see if I could use a caddy to back up files etc. before doing a repair. In doing so, I accidently unplugged the old Zip drive. When I put the hard disk back in (forgetting to plug back in the Zip), it booted into Windows and seems to work fine, although a bit slow. When I brought up control panel, add/remove programs. System Tools2011 is listed. Any ideas on what I should do next?

Thanks in advance for anymore advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 20 Jan 2011

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