blue screen

  jyppo 03:26 30 Mar 2003

i have had an blue error screen with the following numbers oe:0028:8dc00d73 This has happened on more than 1 occasion..several to be precise..i have done a thorough sacn of my hard drive and it has not reported any damaged files etc..i have deleted several software progs but still i get the dosnt seem to happen in any regular pattern ie when i click on a site or programme..i have just changed to bt internet..could the problem lie there? my os is winme..getting a little frustrated here..any help from you chaps much appreciated..please be the way i have tried microsoft help page but can never seem to find the error number im looking for.

  User-312386 09:43 30 Mar 2003

hi there

go to start>run, type msconfig

now click on the start up tab and uncheck all programmes running in the background that you recognise

Do Not uncheck the Windows Programmes

  jyppo 11:38 30 Mar 2003

the progs i have running at start up are ..task monitor pchealth scan reg systemtray load pwrprofile schdagent and my avg prog..just checked my free space and its 79% of 128mb.yesterday it crashed when i went looking at system information whilst connected to the just dosnt seem to have a regular pattern.i may try and reinstall bt and see what happens from there.

  jyppo 12:07 30 Mar 2003

well it just crashed again as i left this site. this time with a different error number............ oe:0028:8c680289..well im off in search of that on microsoft help page and see if anything arises from that thanks again..jyppo

  Kyomii 12:28 30 Mar 2003

Could be faulty memory, as the crashes are regular and intermittent.

  jyppo 12:39 30 Mar 2003

how do i correct that problem kyomii..does it involve £'s..thank you

  Kyomii 12:56 30 Mar 2003

If you have two sticks in your machine, take one out (observe anti-static precautions) and then boot the machine and see how it runs.

If error messages are still appearing, then take that stick out and replace with the first stick and run again.


Take your memory out and try some new memory - its cheap enough now to buy, or you could "borrow" some from a mates computer providing it is the same.

Another way to check it would be to download memory checking programs such as click here (although I find that software based checking can be a tad diverse), but at least it will give you an idea - especially if many errors are present when the program is run.

Another problem could be a faulty or imcompatible driver on your system. Windows ME has a lot of "holes" in it so to speak and on some systems it runs great and on others it can be very troublesome - especially on Asus motherboards.

Have you always had these errors or have they just started recently?

  MPete 13:08 30 Mar 2003

Forget the error number, what does the entire error say? There is only so many errors that can happen.
People don't know how to read those bluse screens.
Ya sure there is a error, Where is the error occuring is more important and you did not give us enough of the blue screen to figure it out.

Get a pen write down the whole thing.

  jyppo 14:10 30 Mar 2003

will write it all down as you say pete but i have to wait till it happens again which shoudnt be to to how long i have had them.they have become more frequent in the last week or so..will post entire message as soon as i get one thanks again

  jyppo 15:08 30 Mar 2003

here is the full a grey box it says windows..then it is as error has continue press enter to return to windows or press ctrl alt del to restart your computer.if you do this you will lose any unsaved information in all open apllications. any key to crashed as i was trying to download a critical update. also pressing a key or al ctrl del will not actually do anything i end up pressing power off button for 5 seconds..thanks for your time.can anyone lend me a hammer?

  MPete 15:51 30 Mar 2003

Well that is not a blue screen. That's just a error. Take your pick. It's called Windows ME. that's the error. Fix by fdisking it and install windows 98SE. Sorry, but here a buddy of mine had ME on his computer and he was constantly reinstalling it. Almost daily. I kept on telling him why are you doing that just delete it if it's not working and get something that does works.

He kept reinstalling but a few weeks ago I talked to him and he said he finally seen the light and put in 98 SE.

Unfortunatly Windows ME is the worse operating system to ever come out of Redmond. It's even worse and more unstable than windows 95.

I think they did it perposly so everyone would forget how reliable 98 SE was and upgrade to XP.
I can't see no other reason why a company would knowingly release a alpha stage operating system on to a unsupecting public.

Like would you put you name on that product?

I've tried myself to fix my buddies computer but he never left it on long enough to completly work out the vast amount of bugs.

Like you got two ways of looking at it. It's suppose to do a job. It is not doing that job.
You can fix it so it does that job. Well there doesn't seem to be a fix for it. It's daugnting how many bugs are in it. I could help you with one or two but more will appear.

Like if you got a car and it does not run and there is no parts eventually you get it crushed.

There is no point in keeping it. Unfortunatly I think ME is the same. I build and repair computers and have yet to see a machine that works properly with Windows ME sorry.

It's sad but it's the truth.

Put on Linux it's free.

There is one ME that does work though and that's the hacked version from 98LITE. That one works. Maybe have a look at that.

click here

What you do is purchace there custom loader then use that to install the ME version you have there.

It load only the operating system and leaves the bugs intact on the cd where they belong.

It works great. I've used it for 5 years now.

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