blue screen

  heine otto 14:44 08 Nov 2006

story so far:

computer crashed, then wont restart - message problem detected windows has shut down to prevent damage. Technical Info STOP 0X00000024, then lots more nubmers.

Wont restart even in safe mode, wont go back to last know configuration.

Googled error message. Found possible solution. bought Knoppix (linux system that runs from CD).

Have been able to access hard drive, and can view all my stuff, and even play my vidoes/music etc.

Now the idea is that I burn what I need onto CD, and then reformat the hard drive.

Before I attempt this I have several questions:

1 I dont have the Windows XP on disc, as it came preinstalled on my Dell. Is this a problem? I have been offered a copy of XP, but not sure it this is legal (even though I do legitimately own XP)

2 Not sure what I am meant to save etc. I have some photos/videos of family I wouldn't want to lose, but other than that not really bothered. do I burn a copy of the whole hard drive? or just the photos I want to keep.

3 If I dont copy the whole hard drive, what happens to stuff I already have, e.g. my internet connection, or the drivers for my sound card?

4 Anybody have a fools guide to reformatting a hard drive?

5 Are there any other questions I should be asking?

6 Anybody know an easier way to do what I am trying to do?

This has tested my computer knowledge to it's limit (and beyond to be honest),so any help is much appreciated.


  anskyber 14:49 08 Nov 2006

Lots of questions there and others will help I know. Can you access your C drive. Dell often put a restore partition on the disk which in effect reformats and reinstalls the OS. I'll have a look at mine and post back.

  anskyber 15:00 08 Nov 2006

If you have Dell PC restore on your machine it will restore your hard drive to the operating state it was in when you bought the computer.

Dell say to use it turn on the machine, during boot and when you see the Dell blue bar as soon as you see it press Ctrl F11 on the next screen click Restore. On the next screen click Confirm. It will then take some 10 minutes to complete. When asked click finish. Let it reboot automaticaly.

Assuming it restarts you will get variuos screens including the EULA Click next and the System Restore screen appears and the computer restarts after it restarts click OK.

  heine otto 17:08 08 Nov 2006

That sounds much less painful than I was expecting. Very grateful.

Like I said there isn't much on my hard drive that I would miss, or couldnt put back on.
If I do the steps above, and the initial problem was a virus, would it happen again, or would doing that get rid of any nasties?

  anskyber 17:21 08 Nov 2006

To be honest I do not know.

  heine otto 21:19 10 Nov 2006

thanks anskyber. Have followed steps above, and worked a treat, am now back on said machine. very grateful.

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