Blue Screen-

  wonderwill 19:46 23 Jun 2006

I ahve donwloaded a virus check software program through limewire and it has caused major problems and I cannot access the pc. Windows XP pro is running and I get logged in the screen goes black appears and then goes to a blue screen and starts a dump of physical memory. It will not allow a start in safe mode and last known good start just takes me back into the loop. I have to switch the oc off at the socket to get out of this. I have no reboot disc only the windows xp. Any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:55 23 Jun 2006

Do you mean you have the Windows XP CD? If so, try a repair install:

click here
How to Perform a Windows XP Repair Install

Then save your data, format and reinstall.

  wonderwill 20:09 23 Jun 2006

It is not booting to the installed window disc. Just going straight to login.

  wonderwill 20:13 23 Jun 2006

Meant to say although it will not allow a safe mode boot I can get to the F8 screen. Anyhting to try here?

  Diodorus Siculus 20:15 23 Jun 2006

When booting up, does it give you you info like "press del to enter setup"? If so, do that and look for something like bootup options. Select the option to have the first boot device the CD.

  wonderwill 20:20 23 Jun 2006

Would that be an F10 option?

I have done something and it has started a 'flash recovery'??

  wonderwill 20:31 23 Jun 2006

I have entered the F!0 screen and told it to 'network disabled - boot to local devices but it just goes into the F8 screen. i.e. it does not boot from the cd drive?

  wonderwill 20:34 23 Jun 2006

The flash recovery never seems to go beyond the floppy drive and it is the CD I want to boot from. Cannot find this option ????

  wonderwill 21:02 23 Jun 2006

please see previous posting. Can anyone please help

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