Blue Screen

  eljanno 13:38 02 Feb 2005

Can anyone help, when my son's pc loads window's and the items in the task bar are loading, the blue screen appears telling us to reboot and if that screen appears again check hardware/software, the bios ect. What can be causeing this, and how can I fix it.

  ACOLYTE 13:47 02 Feb 2005


Fistly what version of windows does he have,and what are the things that load up in the taskbar,
if he starts the pc in safe mode does the error still happen?,if not then i would suggest it is a driver/program conflict when windows loads,so to see what causes it you need to stop all 3rd party programs from loading,to do this it would be usefull to know what actually loads at boot,then we can go into mscnfig and stop a few loading,and see if this helps the boot.

  eljanno 14:03 02 Feb 2005

He is using windows XP pro, off hand I think the things loading are msn messenger, norton av 2005 not sure what else, would you like me to go into safe mode ect, can I run msconfig in safe mode.

  ACOLYTE 14:10 02 Feb 2005

There is no need to use msconfig just yet,but you could try safe mode to see if the error happens,if it doesnt then most likly its a program that loads with windows thats the problem.

  eljanno 14:33 02 Feb 2005

Just tried to load it and this time it worked ok so I checked msconfig and here is what is running on boot up
dumprep o-k (system root/system
Could you tell me please if one of the top two is a modem, I ask because when the pc boots up there is a message saying " pctel hsp modem v92 configuration" is not connected. I am not sure if this is the problem, I dont need a modem to be connected as his pc is networked to mine and its BB.

  ACOLYTE 14:46 02 Feb 2005

Well im not sure about pctspk pv92tray if this is an .exe file it may be a trojan hijacker,but i am by no means 100% sure maybe some one with a bit more knowledge about hijackers may tell you,
ccmon and sndmon i think are part of Norton the dumprep o-k is part of xp :

dumprep.exe forms a part of Microsoft Windows XP (and later versions), in-built fault logging software. Upon serious errors this program will write the details to a text file and request the information be sent to Microsoft. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for third party use.

This usually runs after a system crash so seeing it there is not uncommon as your pc crashed.
You could go in to msconfig and if the "pctspk pv92tray" is listed untick it and restart,if you dont need a modem on the pc you could go into device manager and disable it,if its onboard modem then you need to disable it in the bios.


  ACOLYTE 14:55 02 Feb 2005

just as a side note and may not be needed but you could download and run this click here

Then save the log it makes,Dont alter any settings and post the log,you may need to do it in 2 parts,and it may be better to start a new thread with the log with an appropriate title then some one will take a look and help you out if needs be,as i said im not 100% sure it will be needed but as i dont know better to be safe than sorry.
Also download and run spybot search and destroy,adaware if you havent already they may find some things.Sorry i cant be of more help.

  SANTOS7 15:04 02 Feb 2005

pctspk pv92tray, belong to pctel communications,ccapp belongs to norton

  JIM 15:07 02 Feb 2005

"I dont need a modem" Have you still got the software installed for the modem?

Just checked out pctspk/ pv92tray. no problem but if no modem installed,sound like software is loading at startup?

PC-Tel are (Modem Chipset Manufacturer)

Program Information for pctspk.exe

File Name pctspk.exe

Program Name pctvoice Application
File Name pv92tray.exe

Program Name PTV92Tray Application

Company Pctel Inc PTV92Tray Application

  eljanno 15:08 02 Feb 2005

Thanks for all your help, I did a search in google and although it appears to be something to do with a modem they do mention trojan's worms ect. I have unticked them in msconfig, and closed the modem in device manager, could you tell me where to look in the bios please.
Once again thanks for your help.
PS you dont know anything about Flash do you?
I need to veiw a web page for my on line study class and I cannot see it, I have done everything I can think of. I can see it on my son's computer thats why I need to sort his out, but no luck on my new one!

  eljanno 15:09 02 Feb 2005

Thanks Jim

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