Blue ray DVD in two rooms. What connections?

  greigas 15:48 04 Jan 2009

I am buying a Panasonic Blue ray dvd player. It has an hdmi out connection which I want to connect to my new HD Panasonic plasma in one room.
I have an old Panasonic plasma tv which is not HD in the kitchen. The Blue ray player also has a component video out connection and I was wanting to connect this to the old plasma which has component video and scart inputs. My aim is to be able to view a dvd in both rooms at the same time. Will this work or is there a better way of doing this?
Many thanks for any help.

  MAT ALAN 16:04 04 Jan 2009

My aim is to be able to view a dvd in both rooms at the same time..

Good trick if you can do it..

click here

the link may help...

  greigas 11:59 05 Jan 2009

Thanks Alan. Could probably have put that better.
Should not need an adapter though as you can connect the leads directly ie component to component (kitchen), hdmi to hdmi (lounge). Was wondering though if there will be a picture on both plasma's when both are connected or will you get a picture working on one plasma only?

  Michael_R 12:18 05 Jan 2009

If I understnd correctly you want to view what is playing on one TV on another TV in another room. If that is true then you might like to look and this solution click here It sends the signal from one TV to another wirelessly. It is a solution I use to view DVD's or Sky in another room.

  djbenny 12:24 05 Jan 2009

I understand what you mean but you usually cant send the signal to both tv's at the same time through different connections. it will have to be set up to go through one or the other.

  greigas 14:27 05 Jan 2009

dj benny.
That's what I was hoping to do send a signal to both tv's at the same time. Why can't it be done?

  greigas 14:31 05 Jan 2009

Michael-R. Thanks
If this works great, however I would like to avoid any boxes to keep things neat and tidy?

  djbenny 13:53 06 Jan 2009

it cant be done because the player can only send the signal through one of the connections at each time, this will need to be setup in the settings on the player. im not sure about blu-ray players but i assume its the same, having a ps3 set to go through hdmi, it wnt go through the AV out at the same time.

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